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Computex 2017: The ROG SWIFT PG35VQ

The ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ really does represent next generation display design with extreme refresh rates, awesome picture quality, G-SYNC a massive amount of screen real estate and so much more. In order to understand what the ROG Swift PG35VQ brings to the table, we have to go back to this year’s CES during which…

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Computex 2017: Detailing Gigabyte’s AORUS X299 Motherboards

With everyone gearing up to launch X299 boards when Intel’s new Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors become available on June 19th, we had to drop by Gigabyte’s at Computex 2017 to see what they were going to be offering. It turns out that they will have a pretty extensive lineup and they were focusing on…

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Computex 2017: ASUS Puts Ryzen 7 Into a Gaming Notebook

So far we’ve encountered a ton of interesting gaming notebooks at this year’s Computex but one of them really stood out. This is the ASUS ROG Strix GL702ZC and while it may not have a fancy name like the Zephyrus, it is the first notebook we have seen that includes a Ryzen processor and all-AMD…

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Computex 2017: MSI’s Gaming Desktops & Notebooks Go SLIM!

While MSI have a lot of things on display at Computex 2017, a few systems really stood out and we just had to cover them. So let’s start with the smallest system we’ve seen so far…the Vortex G25VR. Yeah, I know we have all had enough of the whole VR branding thing but what counts…

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Computex 2017: ASUS Launches X299 PRIME & TUF Motherboards

At this year’s Computex we have been seeing a lot of X299 motherboards since Intel’s Skylake-X platform will be available in only a few weeks. ASUS of course will be launching a ton of models like the ROG editions that will target gamers but there’s also their legendary TUF boards and more mainstream Prime models…

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Computex 2017: InWin’s New Cases Now With 100% More… Wood??

At every show we’ve been to InWin is always good for a few headline grabbers. Sometimes its for cases designed like fish tanks while other times we’ve seen ultra expensive stainless steel enclosures that were only launched in limited edition runs. With that being said, InWin has also been a pioneer of sorts with new…

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Computex 2017: BeQuiet’s New Dark Base 900 White Edition

At Computex 2017 BeQuiet were able to show us around their booth and they’ve got some pretty exciting items coming up later this year including a new version of their Dark Base Pro 900 case. The first new addition to BeQuiet’s lineup is a familiar looking case, the Dark Base Pro 900. You might remember…

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The Awkward & Awesome – Computex Adventures!

Computex and being a YouTuber isn’t all fun and games; there’s a lot of hard work involved. Here’s a small snapshot of a day in the life.

This wraps up our Computex 2017 coverage. We wanted to thank all of our viewers, commenters, friends, colleagues and companies that supported us throughout the show and during the last year! It was a blast!

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Computex 2017: Phanteks Shows Awesome New Cases

At Computex 2017, Phanteks was showing a number of new designs. One of them was the P300, a basic ATX enclosure that features some of the best Phanteks innovations from the last few years along with a tempered glass window. The catch here is that it costs just $60. The other introduction is actually a…

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