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Cooler Master Nepton 240M Cooler Review


Author: AkG
Date: March 25, 2015
Product Name: Nepton 240M
Part Number: RL-N24M-24PK-R1
Warranty: 5 Years


Over half a year ago Cooler Master launched their Nepton 280L an impressive dual 140mm radiator AIO with an excellent combination of performance and value-added features. While Cooler Master was actually one of the first manufacturers to realize the potential of All in One water cooling designs, the competition long since overcame the initial hesitation and now there’s a dizzying number of options in this segment. In the last few months alone we’ve reviewed samples from NZXT, Deepcool and Enermax. Corsair, what many consider to be the 700lb gorilla in the closed loop water cooling market, has also launched a refresh of their lineup.

So where does this leave Cooler Master? Rather than following in footsteps of some competitors who have decided to rebrand generic Asetek designs, they’re innovating in a number of different areas. The end result is the Nepton 240M, a high performance 240mm AIO which promises to deliver excellent performance metrics for some of today’s hottest running processors.

For many consumers dual 120mm units offer the best blend of abilities and compatibility as they may not be able to keep up with dual 140mm based devices, but they still offer plenty of performance while offering fewer case mounting constraints and boast lower asking prices. For the most part this perfectly sums up the relationship between the Nepton 240M and its bigger sibling the 280L’s relationship. It also happens to be much easier to compare this 240M to the 280L rather than to the older Seidon 240M it replaces.

Much like the Nepton 280L, the new 240M makes use of an entirely in-house design. In fact, the custom waterblock is nearly a clone of the one found on the 280L. This means it uses a design philosophy that is the antithesis of the Seidon 240M’s so it is large, easy to work with and offers very decent performance levels.

Also like the 280L, the 240M comes standard with two very high performance fans, and an anti vibration strip that reduces harmonic dissonance created from the vibration of these fans. Sadly, Cooler Master has also forgone the use of any fan controller abilities and instead relies upon your motherboard to keep the noise profile in check. This is an area we will be paying close attention to as the fans were a sore spot for customers of the Seidon 240M since they were quite loud.

Cooler Master has also taken a page from the Seidon 240M series. Instead of using a 30mm thick radiator capable of mounting multiple size fans like the Nepton 280L can, the new 240M has a 27mm thick radiator which can only accommodate 120mm fans. The fan compatibility limitations are par for the course since no one would want to use 140mm fans on a smaller radiator while the thinner radiator should lower static pressure needs and speed up airflow through the fin array.

With an average online asking price of $129 it is this unique combination of features, price, and performance that Cooler Master is hoping will make the Nepton 240M just as popular as the 280L. However with such stiff competition from the likes of Corsair (H100i, H105), Silverstone (TD02), Enermax (Liqtech 240HP), and a whole host of others Cooler Master does have their work cut out for them.

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