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Cooler Master Nepton 240M Cooler Review


Quad Fan Performance Results

Once again the Nepton 240M offers a noticeable improvement in performance over the older Seidon 240 series. Unfortunately the ultra-powerful fans that Cooler Master has gifted this unit with are not enough to keep up with the competition at all but the slowest of RPM’s. This is unfortunate as the waterblock is very efficient, but the older radiator it relies upon did cost it a few degrees of performance. These days a few degrees of performance is all that takes to separate the best from the worst.

Sound Level Testing

While everyone “hears” noise differently there is one easy way to remove all subjectivness and easily compare different fans: use a sound level meter. This way you can easily compare the various fans noise envelopes without us coloring the results and see what fans fit within your personal comfort level. Of course, we will endeavor to try and explain the various results (which are taken at a 30 inch distance) to help you our readers get an even better understanding of how loud a cooler’s stock fan is, but even if you discount our personal opinions, the fact remains numbers don’t lie. All fans are tested with both voltage regulation / PWM turned off. 30 decibels was the background noise level and as such anything below this level is considered inaudible. This is why the bottom of the chart stops at 30.

As expected the fans are loud, and have a rather ‘distinctive’ sound profile. If noise is a top priority this is not the AIO you want since there’s a noticeable while that doesn’t translate well into the chart above. This issue could have been somewhat mitigated if Cooler Master had included fan control abilities, but since they didn’t we cannot even give them credit for trying to help make the Nepton 240M a unit capable of fitting in with a wide range of consumers unless some intervention from the motherboard is possible.

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