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EKWB Predator 240 AIO Review


Author: AkG
Date: October 28, 2015
Product Name: Predator 240
Part Number: EK-XLC Predator 240
Warranty: 2 Years


What do you get when you take a custom water loop consisting of a massive radiator, an ultra high performance waterblock, low evaporative tubing, fill it with poly glycol water, and then seal the entire thing up tight? We are not sure either but EK Waterblocks calls their creation the Predator 240. This is an all in one water cooler of absolutely epic proportions, one that is meant to be head and shoulders above similar solutions from the likes of Corsair, Cooler Master, Thermaltake, NZXT and many others.

Technically speaking this CPU cooler is classified as an AIO solution, in that it is an off the shelf purchase that gives any buyer – even novices – the ability to get liquid cooled temperatures without any of the headaches (like bleeding, adding a kill coil/fungicide, or leaks) normally associated with a custom loop. However, what makes the Predator so unique is the fact that EKWB has built its reputation exclusively upon the shoulders of water cooling and they’ve leveraged that knowledge to offer a closed loop product like no other. Essentially, they’re perfectly placed to offer something that isn’t another Asetek or CoolIT knock-off.

In a nutshell the Predator 240 is a custom loop that’s been prebuilt and sealed up for convenience’s sake, though it can also be modified with future additions just like a normal custom setup. Let’s consider it a closed loop that can be opened and modified if the need arises, making it an “AIO” in name only. In either case, no matter what you call it the Predator 240 is built with enthusiasts and overclockers in mind.

While not the first to cater to this market with a modifiable product, EK has built the Predator 240 in such a way that it shouldn’t have any peers in the off-the-shelf AIO market. The equation is actually a simple one: a monstrous 240mm radiator that boasts a depth of 68mm, the excellent Supremacy MX water block, and two high performance fans. Some enthusiasts will say that building a loop is half the fun, but the Predator begs to differ. Instead this unit is meant to provide insane cooling abilities but it an easy drop-in, plug and play design.

EK may not be a household name to mainstream air and AIO consumers, but is well known and highlyrespected by enthusiasts who want the best and can pay for the best. That definition of EK also suits their Predator 240 as well. With an online average asking price of $200 consumers can literally purchase a Corsair H110i GT alongside an H50 and have money left over! Obviously with this kind of asking price the EK Predator 240 is not meant for everyone, but if it offers comparably high performance metrics that cost may actually be justified.

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