ASUS ROG STRIX X299-E Gaming Review


  • Author: MAC
  • Date: September 27, 2017

Included Software pt.2



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The RGB LEDs that are placed on the underside of the motherboard and the RGB header can be controlled using the AURA lightning control utility. The light can be adjusted to any number of different colours and customized to create cool lighting effects. The presets can cause the LEDs to change shades to indicate CPU temperature, pulsate with the beat of your music, cycle through all the colours, fade in and out, flash on and off, or just statically display one colour.


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ROG CPU-Z is a special edition of CPU-Z especially created to match the aesthetics of ASUS Republics of Gamers motherboards. It is kept as up-to-date as the regular version, and is available at the same place:

Sonic Radar III

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The idea behind Sonic Radar III is simple enough, once configured in the above utility, it is basically a radar overlay that shows the positional location that sound is coming from in games. It is essentially a gaming aid, or a really useful tool for those who are hard of hearing or those who just can’t have sound enabled in a given scenario (gaming at work anyone?).

Separate from Sonic Radar is a utility called Sonic Studio III, which is an audio suite that allows users control over six audio controls like Reverb, Bass Boost, Equalizer, Voice Clarity, Smart EQ (Smart Volume), and Virtual Surround. It also provides access to the Perfect Voice noise-cancellation feature and Casting Enhancer audio streaming.

GameFirst IV

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GameFirst IV is a utility designed to help reduce latency courtesy of cFosSpeed traffic-shaping technology. This utility provides users with a lot of control and monitoring capabilities over every application that is accessing the network. It displays CPU usage, NPU usage, ICMP and UDP average ping, and the network utilization of every system process and program. This tool also allows you give priority to certain applications, and throttle or block others to free network resources for other applications. It is your one-stop tool for monitoring and controlling all network traffic.


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The STRIX X299-E also comes with the very simple RAMCache II utility. For those not familiar with this concept, a RAMCache utilizes a portion of your RAM in order to cache your system’s most commonly accessed data. Since the read, write and latency performance of RAM is significantly faster than any conventional storage device, the use of a RAMCache can definitely speed up certain tasks. Using this utility is as simple as selecting the storage device that you want to dedicate a cache to, and then selecting the amount of system memory to allocate to the RAMCache.

Clone Drive

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Clone Drive is another simple but useful application that allows you to easily to clone or image your data to up to two other storage devices.

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