Acer Predator XB270HU G-SYNC Monitor Review


Author: AkG
Date: September 6, 2015
Product Name: Predator XB270HU
Part Number: XB270HU
Warranty: 3 Years
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After many, many years of only incremental improvements consisting of nothing more than ‘the new generation is 1ms faster than the last’ PC gaming section monitors are finally starting to advance at a pace that does justice to the first person shooter genre. For the first time in memory consumers can now get a mid-priced, high-resolution monitor that can potentially provide equally impressive performance in and out of gaming scenarios.

Arguably the largest motivator behind these latest advancements is NVIDIA and their G-SYNC technology. Without getting mired into the G-SYNC vs Freesync debate it is suffice to say that this new monitor technology has allowed slower IPS panels to perform as good if not better than typical TN monitors in gaming tasks. In the recent past we have taken a look at a few examples, but for one reason or another they mainly fell short of their intended goal of being equally comfortable outside of gaming scenarios. The Acer XB270HU intends to change that and impress as wide a range of consumers as possible.

With an asking price of $750, this 27-inch 2560×1440 resolution monitor certainly starts off on the right foot – as this is very similar to what some other non-GSYNC enabled 1440P monitors retail for. This price alone also puts it at a distinct advantage over the first generation ASUS RoG Swift which, even though it is a TN based option, still retails for $20 more than the Acer XB270HU.

This monitor however is not just about being reasonably priced. Instead the middle of the road asking price is simply another example of Acer trying to offer consumers the best value they can. In order to do precisely that Acer hasn’t opted for a TN panel and instead the Acer XB270HU makes use of an 8-bit IPS based panel that allows this monitor to have a wide color gamut that should impress the amateur photographer in all of us.

More importantly even though this monitor uses an IPS panel, this IPS panel is capable of 144Hz refresh rates. This alone makes the Acer Predator XB270HU rather interesting, however it is the combination if 144HZ, IPS instead of TN based panel, and G-SYNC abilities that allow it to compete against both the typical TN based 144Hz monitors and 60Hz professional monitor.

It is this unique blend of high resolution IPS panel, G-SYNC technology, and a reasonable asking price the Acer is counting on to win consumers over. If past attempts at such a lofty goal are any indication Acer does have their work cut out for them – as it will have to impress both the PC gaming orientated side of the market as well as the more professionally orientated half. If however it can actually win over both groups of consumers Acer will be one of the first companies to offer such massive value to consumers.

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