Acer Predator XB271HK 27″ 4K Monitor Review



Going into this review, we had some unreasonably high expectations. Previous Acer Predator gaming monitors which graced our lab never let us down and each brought something new and unique to the table. Be it the crazy fast 200Hz Z35, massive X34, the pioneering XB270HU or even the affordable FreeSync-equipped XR341CK (which isn’t technically part of the Predator range), there’s always been something to like about what Acer has brought to the table. The XB271HK carries on this tradition and epitomizes features the Predator lineup has introduced during its lifetime. It actually happens to be one of the best gaming monitors we’ve reviewed in the last two years.

As we said in the introduction, whereas many other gaming monitors have some severe limitations for many other disciplines, the Predator XB271HK is a monitor for people who care about gaming alongside other tasks. On one hand its G-SYNC compatibility, Ultra Low Motion Blur technology and various other features are obviously targeted towards gamers who want buttery smooth onscreen motion without any of the judder and screen tearing normally associated with lesser monitors. Meanwhile, the 10-bit IPS panel, 4K resolution and 6-axis color correction will perfectly satisfy the needs of folks who want the ultimate in visual fidelity. Both aspects work hand in hand to create a superlative visual experience regardless of the task at hand.

The way someone will approach this monitor from a gaming perspective largely depends on their personal preferences. For most the combination of G-SYNC and a refresh rate of “just” 60Hz will be a perfect combination since adaptive synchronization technologies can make even lower framerates look deceptively fluid. On the other hand users who care about the absolute quicker response times will still gravitate the towards faster 75Hz, 144Hz and 200Hz panels on Acer’s other Predator models.

Just don’t fault Acer for adapting this refresh rate since the DisplayPort 1.2 interface just can’t handle the bandwidth necessary for anything above 60Hz at 4K. With that said it’s high time someone launched a 34” 4K G-SYNC monitor instead of the slightly gimmicky ultra-wide panels we’ve been seeing so much of lately.

For anyone not interested in curved 34” or 35” monsters this monitor pretty much has everything you could want: performance, looks, and price. That last point will be critical to many users’ decision making process as when the difference in price between the XB271HK model and the 34-in 3440×1440 Predator X34 is taken into consideration there is a very good argument to be made in this monitor’s favor. That extra $500 could easily be re-invested in more GPU horsepower.

In the end the Acer XB271HK certainly won’t impress every single user out there, but we foresee this model being awfully damn popular with a wide swath of potential buyers. Everyone from enthusiasts looking for a dual purpose game/work monitor, to hardcore gamers who don’t need faster refresh rates, will appreciate what Acer has brought to the table with their newest Predator model.

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