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Acer Predator XB321HK 32″ 4K G-SYNC Monitor Review



It is no secret that we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Acer XB271HK that previously reviewed. Its combination of G-Sync, a gorgeous panel, an easy-to-use OSD, and phenomenal resolution simply ‘worked’ for us. After extensively testing, retesting, and even more testing, we can say with the utmost confidence that the Acer Predator XB321HK is even better. Five additional inches on the diagonal may not sound like all that big of a difference, but it really does turn a very good monitor into a great one. Those mere five inches expand the viewing area enough to all but eliminate installation and usability issues, such as trying to read miniscule text and tiny icons. It also allows users the luxury of halving the screen, running two programs side-by-side and never feeling like either window is cramped.

If you have narrowed your search down to these two Acer 4K monitors, it will be really difficult to not opt for this model – higher price be damned. The only ones who might feel differently are those whose work environment simply cannot accommodate the larger XB321HK’s footprint. We suspect that those who are now using older 1600P 30-inch monitors and looking to upgrade, will simply fall in love with this new Predator model. Honestly, with the release of the Acer Predator XB321HK, there is almost zero reasons to even consider purchasing a 30-inch 1600P monitor.

Now, with that taken care of, one important question needs to be answered: which is better, this monitor or the Predator X34? Here things are not as black and white, and it will come down to what you consider to be more important: fantastic resolution that makes for a highly immersive experience, or a high refresh rate that creates an equally amazing gaming experience. Some gamers will simply not find 60 frames per second fast enough for silky smooth gameplay, and this issue will be a deal-breaker for them. This is especially true of first-person shooter aficionados, and while the Predator XB321HK still excels thanks to G-Sync, the Predator X34 is simply best-in-class thanks to its 100Hz refresh rate.

On the other hand, if you consider ultra-crisp, ultra-high fidelity images to be the gold standard upon which you judge all monitors then the Acer Predator XB321HK simply eats the Predator X34’s lunch. WQHD resolution might be nice, but UHD is almost always better. Once you as a consumer understand whether you prefer resolution or refresh rate, the answer regarding which model is ‘better’ will become obvious, but either monitor would be an excellent choice.

It is unfortunate that 4K monitors are still not capable of dominating all scenarios all the time. Until DisplayPort 1.3 is readily available, all monitor manufacturers will be hitting the same bandwidth limitation that prevents high resolution 4K monitors from also boasting refresh rates. Nevertheless, in the end, if the XB271HK was on your short-list, but the usability and installation issues kept you from choosing it, or you are thinking about just buying a 30-inch 1600P monitor, then the Predator XB321HK is the best choice for you. If on the other hand you were on also considering the Predator X34, this will only provide an alternative choice and not make your final decision any easier.

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