Acer Predator XR341CK FreeSync Monitor Review


Movie Performance

In movie and other passive entertainment scenarios the Acer XR341CKreally would not be a perfect choice for the average consumer. First and foremost it has all the issues that all 21:9 monitors which means there is very little content that is natively meant to be displayed on it. Essentially, a good portion of its real-estate will go unused unless you are willing to have the image stretched. In these respects FreeSync and the 75Hz refresh rates will also go to waste.

Be prepared to deal with black borders on all your videos as nearly every title will be in either a 16:9 or 4:3 formats. Very, very few will come in 21:9 (aka 2.33:1, aka ‘Imax’) formats…and even those movies that do offer some scenes in this niche format will not offer most of the movie in it.

Also be prepared to deal with the limitations of that curved screen. If you aren’t sitting dead-on there will be a noticeable drop-off in contrast and image fidelity which becomes extremely tiresome.

Now with all that said the Acer XR341CK still does offer a very good viewing experience. After all it does have a rather wide color pallet, and does come with an out of the box color profile that is close enough to ‘perfection’ as possible without comparing it to some extremely expensive professional monitors.

There certainly are a lot of things to like here, and to be honest if you do take the time to make your video player application use the entire screen, and sit directly in front of it, it can make for a very enjoyable experience. We did find ourselves be sucked into the action rather easily. While this does not make the Acer XR341CK better than any other 21:9 monitor we’ve seen, it certainly was not worse provided the limitations are effectively worked around or ignored.

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