Acer Predator XR341CK FreeSync Monitor Review


Conclusion; FreeSync Turned to 11

AMD’s FreeSync technology didn’t have the easiest birth but its standing has gradually turned around with better monitors, additional capabilities, and a deeper range of options. It almost felt like monitor manufacturers were waiting to see how the public received the initial FreeSync products and how well AMD supported their initiative. With the Acer Predator XR341CK it becomes more than evident that AMD’s partners are starting to take FreeSync very seriously indeed.

Acer’s FreeSync-supporting Predator is a triumph for AMD users and the gaming market in general. Not only does it bring leading-edge features like adaptive sync, a curved IPS panel, excellent color accuracy and relatively high refresh rates to the table but it also gives gamers a bona-fide option to save some money on a leading-edge display. Before the XR341CK, if someone wanted all of those options they needed to look towards G-SYNC equipped monitors costing hundreds more.

Even though the Acer’s Predator makes use of basically the same LG panel as the LG 34UC87 and actually costs about the same amount, it is superior in every respect. Everything from a better OSD, to better looks, to better gaming performance, this monitor did not only beat but metaphorically ate the LG 34UC87 for breakfast.

Speaking of gaming, that’s what anyone will likely buy the Predator for and, provided you have an AMD GPU, it dominates. Unlike first-generation FreeSync displays which had a restrictive operational range, the XR341CK’s ability to remain within an adaptive synchronization mode from 30Hz to 75Hz opens up a huge range of options. The only small hiccup is you’ll need a load of GPU horsepower to keep this thing within that window.

With all of this being said, are there any negatives here? That really depends upon how you approach this monitor. In practical terms the 21:9 ratio isn’t optimal for vertical viewing in FPS games and will limit your battle space in RTS titles. There’s also the curved panel which makes the XR341CK a sub-optimal companion for many professional tasks and even toolbars in some games will become warped. That curve also makes your positioning relative to the monitor’s centerline all that much more critical as well. Did we mention it is insanely expensive?

While the Acer Predator XR341CK may not be an optimal monitor for every genre and will likely be well out of the price range of most gamers, it gives AMD users access to a cutting-edge FreeSync-capable display. Just be prepared to cough up a massive amount of money for it.

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