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NEC MultiSync PA272W 27″ Professional Monitor Review


Author: AkG
Date: February 9, 2014
Product Name: MultiSync PA272W
Part Number: PA272W
Warranty: 4 Years


The all-new 27-inch PA272W is NEC’s most recent addition to their venerable MultiSync line and like previous generations it has been designed from the ground-up with professionals in mind. With this in mind, no expense has been spared to create the most color accurate, easy to use tool that goes out of its way to help professionals get the job done and done right.

Creating displays which may cost more upfront but are as accurate years later as the day they left the factory is what NEC have built their reputation on. It is this time saving, ultra high quality which separates true professional monitors from those marketed to so-called “prosumers”.

To attain its goals, NEC has decked out the 1440P PA272W with some of the best technologies around. There’s a 10-bit AH-IPS panel with a true 14bit internal Look Up Table, 340nits output using the newly developed GB-R LED backlighting, color saturation which scales perfectly with brightness output and supposedly some of the best panel uniformity around. Further adding to its long list of its features a four year warranty instead of the typical three years found with the competition. The end result is a monitor which should have all the building blocks for creating the perfect force multiplier tool that all professionals crave.

Some of the building blocks that NEC has used may sound familiar since some competing products also use similar components, but NEC’s implementation is second to none and a step above the rest. For example, Green-Blue-Red LED backlighting technology is being offered on many prosumer grade monitors, and everyone from Asus to Dell to Samsung make use of these purpose-built LEDs. Unlike typical white LEDs which use blue diodes coated in a yellow pigment, GB-R LEDs combine blue diodes and green diodes with a red phosphor to create a light source which boasts distinct Red, Green and Blue spectrum colors. The end result is much wider color gamut than even CCFL backlights but without the heat output, short lifespan or high energy requirements.

Using a 10-bit panel with 14-bit LUT is also not new as other higher end monitors utilize it. What differentiates NEC is their hand-selection of only the highest grade panels, combined with a true 14-bit Look Up Table which is then combined both industrial-spec components. The benefit to having higher quality components quite straightforward: like some other professional monitors, the PA272W boasts a DeltaE of under 2 but in real world scenarios, its color accuracy will actually beat similarly spec’d panels.

To make sure you can actually make use of this high color fidelity panel, NEC have taken a page from other AH-IPS monitors by upgrading to a new anti-glare coating. Even the monitor’s processing engine has been upgraded, reducing ‘ghosting’ by increasing the panel’s responsiveness by 16% over the PA271’s 7ms response time to a more reasonable 6ms.

Even with this rather long list of things in the PA272W’s favor, it is not without a potential roadblock: price. With an MSRP of $1299 – or $300 more than a Dell U2713H and only $200 less than a Dell U3014 – these features do come at quite a premium. For home consumers and even semi-pro consumers this is a rather steep uptick in cost between a “good enough” monitor and a unit of the MultiSync’s stature but for the true professionals NEC is catering, to this is only an additional $1.92 per month over 3 years. More importantly, these selfsame premium characteristics are what NEC is counting on to persuade professional’s that the PA272W is not only worth the extra upfront cost but is a wise long term investment.

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