Nixeus NX-VUE27P 1440P IPS Monitor Review


Gaming Performance

Let’s start by making our position perfectly clear: this is not a gaming monitor, nor did Nixeus intend it as such. Rather, the NX-VUE27P leans towards general purpose professional usage cases. While we all would love to be game testers -and no, playing Farmville at work is not actually gaming- this monitor is not intended to blow people away with its amazing gaming abilities. However, if you are a professional on a budget who wants to kick back and relax every now and then, its color reproduction does help things but slow response times plague FPS experiences.

This should be rather blatantly obvious, and people need not go any further than reading the Gray-To-Gray (GTG) response time, but this monitor lacks even FreeSync abilities. This is a little disappointing as adding FreeSync is not an expensive proposition – especially compared to using GSync – so this missing feature is regrettable. We have to reiterate once again that this is not a ‘gaming’ monitor, and adding any such features would have negatively impacted its largest claim to fame: an anemically low asking price.

Now with that taken care of, this monitor is actually not all that bad at games. I personally used a Dell UltraSharp U2714 for a long while as a ‘gaming’ monitor, so I might be a touched biased here. Basically, the 8-bit plus color depth and wide color pallet does make for a rather aesthetically pleasing image. While I don’t feel the Nexus 27 NX-VUE27P is as good as the beloved Dell, it can do a pretty darn good job at accurate image representation.

The secret is basically not trying to use this monitor for fast-paced first-person shooter, third-person shooter, or ‘twitch’ games general… or racing simulations… or basically any game where the slow response time will become a noticeable handicap. Outside of these genres, this monitor can do just as good a job, and arguably better, then most so-called ‘gaming’ products. For example, if your game genre of choice is strategy or similar slow-paced games, the Nixeus NX-VUE27P can be pretty damn good.

Overall, this monitor would never be our first choice as gaming-focused display, but as long as you understand its strengths and weaknesses I wouldn’t take it off my list of potential purchases. If your needs and this monitor’s strengths do align well, you may just save a ton of money and get one hell of a value.

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