Nixeus NX-VUE27P 1440P IPS Monitor Review


Multimedia and Real World Performance


Let’s start with movies. Movies are not as demanding as modern games, and are fairly ‘slow’ in their frames per second count. Honestly, if anyone is looking for a rich, bordering on breathtaking movie experience, and don’t mind the fact that this monitor is ‘only’ 27-inches wide, what it can do is simply phenomenal. The average consumer will really have to step all the way up to the 600 dollar range before finding its equal.

The Nixeus NX-VUE27P will provide such an immersive movie experience that it blows the doors off anything in its price class. The differences are so large that they will be noticed by the average viewer and it will not take an experienced eye to see these differences. Scenic vistas and wide open scenes will be more immersive, colors will ‘pop’ like never before, and you will wonder why the hell you had not purchased a true 8-bit IPS monitor before now.

Even non-movie experiences will be improved, and if you do watch a lot of YouTube videos for research, or just entertainment purposes this monitor is once again sure to impress. Put the YouTube video in full screen at its highest resolution, sit back and enjoy. In either case, you will be sucked into the video and will (probably) get more information out of it as the more photo-realistic bordering on life-like color representation draws you in…at least once you’ve calibrated it.

As for professional usage scenarios, once a colorimeter is used to correct the poor factory color profile, this monitor is sure to please. Everyone from professional photographers, to even excel spreadsheet rangers will love the abilities as it is a classical 16:9 monitor and requires zero learning curve to get the most from it. The only issue is that it has what is best classified as a semi-gloss finish rather than the matte finish typically found on monitors of this caliber. Basically, the anti-glare coating really does not work and various light sources – including a typical 60W incandescent bulb – will cause noticeable glare ‘hot spots’ to occur. Consumers will need to play with their setup to optimize the angles so that no reflections are seen.

Overall, that is a lot of positives and almost no negatives when it comes real world and multimedia scenarios. Considering consumers will get all this for the low asking price of $400 or so, the Nixeus NX-VUE27P is a no-brainer for the ‘poor student’ who cannot afford a separate TV and monitor and instead needs one to pull double duty.

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