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    Tesla Truck ??? what do people think

    i was buying one in 2021, based on the specs. not anymore.
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    Want to Sell ### Core i7 T470s, T460s, T450s laptops with SSD/NVME

    Do they come with Windows preinstalled?
  3. 3.0charlie

    Odd POST behavior from Dell laptop

    sticks swapped, no dice. power fine too. tx for the reply
  4. 3.0charlie

    Odd POST behavior from Dell laptop

    Customer of mine brough back her 2018 Dell Inspiron 5775 that would no longer POST, not even to the Dell logo. Warranty ended March 2019. Plugged in my monitor, no POST. Took out the back panel, checked for obvious board damage. None. HDD was backed up to my server using an external caddy with...
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    Finance machine

    what are the minimum gpu requirements of those 3d apps? onboard gpu may not cut it with upmto 4 monitors (resolution of those?).
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    Network equipment upgrades

    Better be in waiting mode for the UDM in Canada. ETA 01/20. I buy my Unifi gear from these guys, and they'll have the UDM on hand. https://www.deploydepot.ca/ubiquiti-dream-machine-udm/
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    Network equipment upgrades

    I use a USG4-Pro, which replaced a USG (still have it, actually). At time of purchase of the Pro, if the UDM would have been available it would have been my prime option. It would have necessitated a complete revamp of my home network (due to the UDM access point) but that's part of the fun.
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    Network equipment upgrades

    Router/switch/wifi/controler, all in one. Add a UAP nano on the second floor.
  9. 3.0charlie

    Network equipment upgrades

  10. 3.0charlie

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Napoleon Prestige P500 bbq.
  11. 3.0charlie

    My first Personalised Configuration

    utile = useful 😉 bienvenue a bord. je laisse les autres te fournir leur opinion sur ton build. ca fait trop longtemps que je n'ai pas bati un ordi. Mais tu peux leur faire confiance.
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    New wireless router options...

    unifi. and don't look back.

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