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  • Look at this Phase fore sale and a case Prometeia Mach II GT & Lian Li Case - Ottawa Computers For Sale - Kijiji Ottawa 350$ (not Me ) :)

    If you dont want it then you can help it find a home ? Thanks ZZLEE Good review of that AUSus
    just read your review of the corsair 2200mhz memory i was wonder who ealse uses Elpida Hyper based modules
    hi 3oh6~
    This is william and nice to meet you.
    I know you are a professional overclocker.
    Can you help me to solve some questions?
    Please contact me by email or add in my msn: chiw_911@hotmail.com
    hey awesome review on the eVGA X58 mother board it has sold me on wanting one.
    have a weird question for you though about a feature in your review, rather the javascript
    for the zoom in function on the pictures, I am curious if there is a way I could view it as I am currently
    taking javascript and would like to study the script to see how it is done (just started javascripting actually)

    again awesome review keep up the solid work
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