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    Want to Buy Asus Poseidon GTX 780

    one of the most common methods of payment when doing what we're doing here
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    Want to Buy [WTB] Cherry MX Brown mech. keybaord - found one-

    Looking to buy a mechanical keyboard with brown cherry mx switches for that clickity-clakity....if someone wanna get rid of theirs to get something else pm me! I want to buy the K70 but they cost too much right now :( EDIT: please close/delete thread.
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    Finally time for a rebuild!

    Yep Dota 2 is looking pretty even with onboard graphics. I was playing on my laptop previously with lowest possible settings.
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    Clickless mouse?

    Microsoft MIE 3.0 very silent clicks and for the price it is highly regarded
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    how much difference does a good mouse make?

    I think it all depends on your experience....I'd suggest you try some sub $30 mice. The more you try the more you will discover what shape and what type of mouse you prefer. I went through many different mice when I was neck deep into twitch FPS games, trying to find that perfect mouse, and...
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    Computer keeps shutting down on me before I can install windows

    They are at least 3-4 years old from what I remember talking to the gentleman i bought them from. They are black and sorta like a hair comb. On the title of the ad it said vengeance 1600mhz...
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    Finally time for a rebuild!

    I went to my local pc store for a visit and couldn't hold it. Bought a G3258 + MSI Z97 + eVGA 750W. Also got a 8GB corsair kit off kijiji for $50. It is running smooth.
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    Computer keeps shutting down on me before I can install windows

    After the stress test I just lost patience and started building the new combo which I am typing this from. I should have dug deeper into the issue...but I'm just hard headed sometimes. G3258, MSI Z97 PCMATE, Corsair 2x4GB 1600mhz, eVGA 750W. Will be keeping my eyes peeled on BST for a video...
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    Computer keeps shutting down on me before I can install windows

    I updated the bios with a usb and went smoothly. Then i booted UltimateBootCD and ran a CPU torture stress test - after not 10 seconds, the system shut down.Way To Fold
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    Computer keeps shutting down on me before I can install windows

    It can't be the hard drive as it is a new 2.5TB I'm using....before that I had a 500GB WD and same issues were present. When I first got the cpu it was from someone who sold it to me as a package with most of the system components. It was stable but I remember i dabbled with it and overclocked...
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    Computer keeps shutting down on me before I can install windows

    ASUS P5Q + E6550 + 4x1GB CORSAIR + Liberty Enermax 500W I am not sure which part is faulty but it keeps teasing me...it works for a little bit getting my hopes up but never completely works. So I had a Gigabyte motherboard which I thought was faulty and swapped this P5Q instead. Now I am...
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    Finally time for a rebuild!

    @SKYMTL & BOND007 Thanks for the suggestions. I think that's what I'll do and I don't mind used parts at all.
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    Finally time for a rebuild!

    @MARSTG I've had various small issues with my old rig for a while and could never really get it totally fixed. I'm in the mindset of "**** it" & get rid of everything and start new. I think it is too much headache and would rather just sell them for cheap (things that work) and get a new build...
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    Finally time for a rebuild!

    I've had the rig in my sig for 5+ years and it is now time for an overhaul. :bananafunky: I am keeping/using the following: CM-RC690 case, my old hard drives, and OS. I need new MB, CPU, GPU, Power Supply and RAM. I would like to stick to around $500 and keep the computer upgradable (cpu...

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