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  • Greetings,
    I have seen your thoughts on the Acer XB321HK, X34 and XB281HK.

    I have a GTX 1070 and love the x34 but am really considering a 4k monitor. The 281HK is more within my price range and I think my 1070 could easily handle it in the games that I play, but I'm wondering if it is going to be that much more crisper and better than the x34. I see by your comments, if I can get the 321HK, that would be the best of the three, but do you think my GTX 1070 would have an issue with it?

    Finally do you think it would be better off holding on to the X34 and waiting for the newer monitors that can use DP 1.3 or 1.4? I'm not sure how far out on the horizon they are and of course I'm sure the price points are going to be pretty hefty.
    Hello, I was wondering if you still have the coolit freezone elite that you reviewed a while ago. The pump on mine died and coolit does not have any replacements anymore. I am also missing some of the mounting hardware. If you do have it I would love to buy those off of you.
    mind throwing some more info about stress testing into the thread? I just want to be more understanding of what it involves/the likelihood of long-term implications if it causes something to get harmed but won't show up until a few years in. and some detailed safety tips/settings for AIDA too. I honestly just want to not have to RMA stuff as my current computer is on its last legs and I'm out of money (as in I can't even spend a dollar more than I'd get back for returning the motherboard) but need my PC for my everyday sanity :S
    Hey, I got a quick question for you cause your the SSD master. I'm currently looking into the Vertex 2, but as I'm running AMD, it won't support AHCI and therefore no TRIM. The Vertex is the one with the aggressive ITGC so I don't need TRIM for it right?
    Deusfaux, we didn't test the SATA connection because it DID NOT have an eSATA port.
    As you can see from THIS picture...it is missing. We can't test it if the item doesnt have it.
    In your review of the Thermaltake BlacX, why didn't you test SATA?

    You would have discovered it does not work at the speeds advertised, and that the company continues to make false claims about the product.

    You even opened it up and found out what the controller was, which is suggested by the manufacturer to indeed be speed limited (to SATA I).
    Hi there, I have the Cooler Master V10. I was reading your review of doing what I have wanted to do to my V10 since day one, fix the ridiculous temperature engagement. Would it be possible/feasible to use a variable resistor in place of the thermistor? I'm all about custom but not about reinventing the wheel :) The Phenom overclocks like a monster but it likes ice cold, but I don't want to frost the chip either. If I could hit 4+GHz (I've had her at 4.2 for brief stints) stable, I would be hugely satisfied. Anyway, I wasn't sure if you had already figured out the resistance of engagement (50C) for the TEC or not, and if you had a specific idea as to whether a more sensitive thermistor (specific resistances), or a manual variable resistor would be better and/or what to use. I really appreciate any feedback, and will happily document in a post.

    Here's the article:

    How do I replace the fan in the MobilStor? The fan is too noisy, so could you give me some ideas?

    Hey man im new to this forum.

    I just read your review on the rV01 case which i just purchased and installed myself.

    Just a tip for you, all the cables i routed through the back and "INTO" the clips on the back(you know those clips that is meant to just hold the cables?) this acutally just hides all my cables and it is very very clean. For the top fan and audio, and some power cables, there are two holes right between the Motherboard (cpu end) and the back of optical drives. I loop the cables through there and that helps too.

    Also i am using the standard length of sata cables, wiht one end being angled.

    OH another tip is that the Power, reset and HDD light cables and the USB cable which has to reach through the end of the motherboard, that is tucked behind the motherboard and then routed back out the gap behind the case and it is very neat.

    Hope that helps :)


    P.S I recieved 'two' cable ties when you guys only received 'one' O_O! LOL
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