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    Accelero S1 on 8800GT

    I notice the board looks like it is visibly flexing a bit. I have a picture of the S1 mounted on a BFG 8600GT. Looks like it flexing a bit as well. I hope to buy a 8800GT soon, in fact I already purchased another S1 to put on that sucker. The picture doesn't really show the board flexing as...
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    BFG GeForce 8800GT OC 512MB - $250

    Err... check your forum subject line. It should read the OC not the OC2. Hardware Canucks > HARDWARE CANUCKS COMMUNITY > Hot Deals > BFG GeForce 8800GT OC2 512MB - $250
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    What's your age group?

    What!? Where are the rest of my Gen X cohorts? :punk: 40 here.
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    Ncix Cs + S&h

    Hey dude, you played the race card first.:whistle:
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    Ncix Cs + S&h

    ha ha. Yeah, other than a few exceptions, most of the cs reps look really constipated :blarg: every time I see them when doing a pick-up. Eat more fiber! :haha:
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    Ncix Cs + S&h

    I've price matched a number of times and items. Their price matching system works well. I had only one thing rejected due but a big pricing screwup on their part but they gave me their best offer which I accepted. I would like to add that I regularly pickup at the Burnaby location and that...
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    Dead Pixels

    The rubbing trick fixed my problem with my Samsung 710N. :thumb:
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    Where oh where to get a TR-120 Ultra Extreme?

    Buy Cheap thermalright ultra 120 extreme - Price Comparison - Canada The new Thermalright Ultima 90 looks extremely good: AnandTech: Thermalright Ultima-90: Small Wonder?
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    Comment Thread for Thermalright V2 VGA Cooler

    Great review. :thumb: Now when will the stores start to stock these?
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    Take a look through this thread from Digital Home BC - Victoria/The Island/Sunshine Coast/BC Interior/BC North - OTA - Digital Forum
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    Gas Prices

    Was 1.27 in the Vancouver area last week.
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    Some interesting numbers in current events

    I've found a link: Numbers | TIME Yup, 520 Billion Dollars! Mind-boggling. :shok:
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    Comment Thread for nMedia HTPC-400BA Case Review

    Thanks for the great review. Another case to consider for my planned HTPC build (recycling a XP 2400+). Some nice points about this case: ATX mobo. Price (relatively inexpensive for a HTPC case).
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    Some interesting numbers in current events

    I'm interested in seeing the article re: 520 Billion Dollars. Ummm, I'm guessing it probably reads 520 Billion Yen ?
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    Flooding in the Fraser Valley?

    Thanks, we appreciate your help. :thumb: Hopefully the upper-ups have done enough preparedness planning.:shok: :doh:

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