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    New Build, need Memory advice.

    MARSTG: 25% extra cost is more than a few bucks to me. 2gigs of DDR6 vram just wasn't worth $130 CAD to me. Plus I got a killer deal on my RTX 2060 @ $399 CAD a month ago. BTW were you guys able to get the timings tightened up on those TridentZ neo's? The price premium for the 16-16-16-36 set...
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    New Build, need Memory advice.

    This PC will be used for many tasks including. NVR home security system monitoring , PTZ camera control/monitoring/recording through Blue Iris software 24/7, FTP/FXP server hosting/managment 24/7, Web surfing, Video/music playback, and PC Gaming. I run a 3 monitor spanned 1080p setup. Parts I'm...
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    Star Citizen

    New year new Alpha 3.8.1. I played for 3 days straight with friends and we all came to the same conclusion that this game is nowhere near being finished. We were all backers of various degrees back in 2013, me at $120 to our leader who is into it for close to $3000 USD. The game is still an...
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    Black Friday GPU bust

    Well Cyber monday was a bust with the years previous lows barely being matched. The few meager deals were snapped up within seconds and online stock was low. Nvidia is habitualized to gouging consumers ever since the crypto bubble and now the new norm of costly GPUs is here to stay. Hopefully...
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    Black Friday GPU bust

    Izarous & Cannon Fodder that RX 590 for $209 was one of 4 fantastic deals I tried to pounce on. The other of note was a Gigabyte RTX 2060 windforce OC over at Canadacomputers for $359! Both those deals I tried to buy but server errors in the buying process stopped me and by the time (4mins after...
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    Black Friday GPU bust

    After 6 years of solid performance from my SLi GTX 670s I finally saw the light of a much needed GPU upgrade in my future. So being a frugal guy and it being near Black Friday I figured I'd wait a month till the deals hit and I could pull the trigger on a reasonably priced mid tier GPU. All the...
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    WHERE TO BUY PC PARTS?!?!?!?! (Canada)

    If they carry the part you need you can't beat BestBuys price match. Any listed online or retail store (yes even amazon.ca) they will beat that price by 10%. So head over to pcpartpicker or shopbot or redflagdeals find the lowest listed price then goto BB and enjoy the lowest possible price and...
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    WD 3TB Purple HDD to upgrade my security system DVR. $132 taxes and shipping inc. I kinda feel guilty not buying from NCIX but they can't beat Best buys 10% lowest price match reduction, free shipping and local store returns. RIP Futureshop btw.
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    Hardware canucks 2016 Banana overclocking.

    As I put to bed my banana grove this morning I got nostalgic remembering all the great Canadian banana overclockers on HWC. rjbarker and BrainEater gave me such great advice and my overclocking efforts have seen a quadrupling of bananas in about the last 4 years. Last night it froze here...
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    Surveillance HDD Advice

    Lucky for me Tom's Hardware wrote a great piece on these two drives. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/surveillance-hard-drive-performance,3831-3.html As I outlined before I use this drive for my 8 camera, 1 PTZ home surveillance system and that old "Green" WD drive would cough and sputter on...
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    Surveillance HDD Advice

    Hi all. My old 3TB Western Digital Green HDD gave up the ghost yesterday, I used it primarily for my home surveillance and this cheap "Green" machine was a champ for 4 long years. So I'm looking for a replacement and drives in the 3TB range still seems to be the best bang for the...
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    The Intel i7-6700K Review; Skylake Arrives (Comment Thread)

    I kind of miss the days when the steady cadence of tick/tock kept me chasing the market advances as a pc gaming enthusiast. My current rig seems to be holding up to every new game released, partly I blame because of the current generation of consoles being so weak in the hardware department so...
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    Samsung SSD support in Canada

    I've made my fair share of RMAs and lost many a hair due to warranty red tape so I'll take this Samsung warning to heart. I've been really fired up as of late about the new Samsung 850 pro SSD drives using V-nan tech and after hearing many reviews gushing over it I wanted to see what HWCs had to...
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    Corsair Obsidian 750D Review Comment Thead

    Great review as always Dmitry. Bummer your front panel arrived broken but I'm sure that could be fixed with a little tlc. The front intake fans being impeded with a solid front panel has me puzzled tbh.
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    Fractal Design ARC Midi R2 Review Comment Thread

    Excellent case review as always Dimitry. I really can't stop myself likening the look of the ARC Midi R2 to my beloved Corsair Obsidian 650D and my bigger Silverstone Temjin 07. Simple elegant lines and a rather sedate side window just seem to speak volumes on how a simple design can convey...