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    Samsung 840 pro 256GB?

    Hello, I got a Samsung 840 pro 256GB SSD laying around how much is it worth? Thanks!
  2. ..'Ant'..

    Asus GTX 980 Strix

    350$ and up for sure.
  3. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Sell Super Summer Sale! Priced to sell!

    PM sent! Edit: Payment sent also. :)
  4. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Sell Add2Psu adapters

    Ah okay good luck with sale, so tempting I wish I had the money for it.
  5. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Sell Add2Psu adapters

    Would you trade for my GTX 680 W/ Accelero Twin Turbo II plus cash?
  6. ..'Ant'..

    12 More Hours.....

    Ill buy for sure!
  7. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Sell Watercooling Fittings - Bitspower

    Free bump good seller! Good luck with the rest. :thumb:
  8. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Buy GTX 480 For SLI

    Found one! :)
  9. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Buy GTX 480 For SLI

    Thanks guys just waiting for final price. :)
  10. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Buy GTX 480 For SLI

    Looking for a GTX 480 to SLI. I would most likely like it to be EVGA so It goes with my current card. Send me a PM if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  11. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Sell ASUS Rampage III Extreme LGA1366 Motherboard

    Sweet deal! What are the advantages over my P6TD Deluxe?
  12. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Buy Megahalem 38mm Fan Clips

    Have you looked here: Prolimatech 120 x 38mm Additional Fan Clips for Megahalems/Mega Shadow at SVC.com Did you look also on Ebay? EDIT: Never mind its 20$ shipping.
  13. ..'Ant'..

    Want to Sell GTX 480 Superclocked

    Damm I just bought my GTX 480 like couple weeks ago I should of waited.

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