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  • I sent you a few private messages, check your inbox. I'll only be here till late evening today, then I'll be out of town so there's not much time left. Get back to me ASAP.
    About the chip itself, it hasn't seen much use at all actually. I bought it last september and had just started to build using an Asus P6T WS Pro (with turbo throttling) and long story short, ended up not building. Hence the only strain I was able to put it to was 4.2ghz HT on at ~1.2 vcore with 12gb of DDR3 (6 sticks) and maintain that speed without the stupid Asus throttling the multiplier down. The highest temperature it reached was around ~70 C during LinX stress testing using a thermalright ultra 120 TRUE Black Rev C with (2) 120x38mm Scythe fans. The system was literally assembled for about 2 weeks before being stripped and parted. Anyways, I guess if you're looking at this particular Core i7 batch, you probably know about it already from reading on forums like XS and other overclocking forums. Now about why I'm looking to sell, I'm selling my entire system that was partially started since I will be relocating overseas permanently; hopefully within the next year.
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