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    10900F on MSI B560 Torpedo

    Went with a 5800x, Noctua D15 and Strix B550-F. Couldn't be happier. Thanks for steering me in the AMD direction. (y)banana
  2. Apathetik

    10900F on MSI B560 Torpedo

    Ok ty for the explanations and taking a look at it. I don't know anything about VRM or phases, so I appreciate the insight from people more experienced. Hey thanks for the feedback. I can always tack on a different cpu cooler then if that one is not strong enough. It's quite dated anyways and...
  3. Apathetik

    10900F on MSI B560 Torpedo

    https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MAG-B560-TORPEDO This B560 Torpedo motherboard is available locally at Memory Express for a great price. I am wondering if it has sufficient power limit support, or can remove PL all together and run without a limit, while having a good enough heatsink to cool a...
  4. Apathetik

    Want to Buy Looking for cheap i7 4790k

    Hello. I'm looking for a 4790k to replace an old 4690k thats struggling on my system. If anyone has one sitting around they aren't using and its just collecting dust, I am definitely interested. I'm in Saskatoon, SK if that matters. Thanks! 🦤
  5. Apathetik

    Are these mobo audio connectors the same, just flipped?

    I assume the mobo configuration is just flipped, but want to make sure before plugging in. Pin 8 appears to be the "no pin" (I have a Corsair Air 540 case.)
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    Confused on which motherboard to buy. B550 AORUS PRO or X570 AORUS ELITE?

    Cool thanks for the info everyone, I appreciate it.
  7. Apathetik

    Confused on which motherboard to buy. B550 AORUS PRO or X570 AORUS ELITE?

    I will be purchasing a Ryzen 5600X (6c/12t) when they come out next month, and am very confused on which motherboard to buy, the B550 Aorus Pro or the X570 Aorus Elite . I will be running a single 1TB Adata SX8200 Pro PCIe Gen3 x4 (3500 read, 3000 write) and have no intention of ever buying a...
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    Want to Buy Coolermaster Nepton 140XL AM4 upgrade kit: RL-AM4B-NEPS-R1

    Hello. I am looking for an AM4 upgrade kit from CoolerMaster for the Nepton 140XL liquid cooler. Product name: RL-AM4B-NEPS-R1 If anyone has a used one they are no longer using, I am very interested. I would love to reuse my awesome cooler and save the money of a new cooler, especially given...
  9. Apathetik

    Heroes of the Storm beta keys!

    Yeah its the Heroes of the Dorm tourney. Basically colleges from around North America competing for scholarship and some other stuff. One team consists of 3 pro moba/sc2 players and is literally shredding everyone else actually haha. The best part of HotS is the fast paced games and action. No...
  10. Apathetik

    Grand Theft Auto 5 !

    Almost time boys!
  11. Apathetik

    Heroes of the Storm beta keys!

    Have fun! If you claim a certain one, please post. Key 1: VG4F2K-MBX7-9NHDJM-E4FJ-F22DF2 Key 2: K8B4ZP-BV92-YMJVH4-6XCH-P2NN2R Key 3: PDXBX2-2X77-HDVR9N-JNK6-PDN84X Key 4: 2GBBRF-VT9V-24N8W2-GPB4-4CWN7F
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    Looking to upgrade really need some good suggestions!!!

    Yeah definitely a new SSD. The Crucial MX100 512GB is the best bang for your buck drive available I believe.
  13. Apathetik

    Far Cry 4

    Looking for some people 21+ to play some FC4 open world coop with! I have uplay, and am not sure if coop is compatible between platforms (uplay/steam/origin) but post your age and platform and we can give it a swirl. My uplay user name is: E0DB0T Single player so far is very good. I was...
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    ASUS GTX 970 STRIX OC Review Comment Thread

    No prob! Hope all is well with yours also, and you enjoy many games maxed out with it :)
  15. Apathetik

    ASUS GTX 970 STRIX OC Review Comment Thread

    I have zero coil whine with my Strix 970. None at all. With the EVGA 970 I initially ordered, it sounded like a subway car screetching to a halt every time I would load a game, and a bit even idle on desktop. Zero problems with the Strix though. Literally not 1 thing I could say bad about my...

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