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  • Michael, i tried phoning and i sent you a pm a week ago. I would appreciate it if you would get back to me as i can see that you have been logging on here daily.
    Oh you wont be disappointed Wolf! :)
    Looking forward to it as well! Cant wait to try out Tri-Fire!
    Hey Apollo. Good to see you here. You helped me out with some things over at NCIX.com.

    Watercooling and the benchmarks for the Samsung F1 drives when they first came out.
    Im sure your wallet is stressed this time of the year!
    My GF payed for some of my i7 as a gift, so thats great haha!

    Cant wait to OC this baby on water, hope to hit 4.5Ghz lol
    "Very Nice!" (Borat)
    It will go in after XMas when my loop is back up.

    Damn I wish I could afford a i7 right now but a Deneb will have to do for me;(
    Got the Coil this week! Thanks again ! Have you got around to using that Mount yet?
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