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    Want to Sell GONE

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    Want to Sell p3t3rson closet clearout! More items and More Price Drops

    The bitspower blocks are separate right? the NB/SB and then a separate block for the MOSFETs?
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    Want to Buy EVGA Classified x58 (e760) waterblock

    I believe he is looking for the motherboard waterblock, not a cpu one. I have a Koolance one, PM me if your interested.
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    Want to Buy XFX ATI HD5770 1GB

    whats the manf. date on the drive?
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    Want to Sell Master-Spud's For Sale All Items SOLD, Thanks for the interest

    That is the tri-fan right? its the one that fits 6 modules correct? Any chance that is for sale?
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    Want to Sell XFX Radeon HD 5870 Ref

    Go for trifire! Bump for a nice card!
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    Want to Trade Two 5970s for trade.

    are the cards plain with no stickers on them? what colors are the heatsinks? thx
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    Want to Sell GTX 460 1GB SLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dead pixels? Warranty? On the Dell U2410
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    Want to Sell 5870's. price drops

    "sapphire missing its sticker." Do you mean the warranty sticker? or the graphics sticker? Also any reason why you took it off?
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    Thanks Everyone !! Good work !

    Good work everyone. Shame we did not get 4th, oh well.
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    The HWC Chimp Challenge 2010 Thread: Go Bananas!

    I need to do this, ive only got 2 bigadv this whole competition and its getting really annoying! Where and how do i "removed the queue.dat, work directory, and FahCore_A3.exe file" What file? I dont see them in the VMware folding file. Thanks!
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    The HWC Chimp Challenge 2010 Thread: Go Bananas!

    Yup i did that before as well. Just suspended it and it restarted at the % it stopped, reset it and the same thing, but ive also lost some by doing it. My guess is its a hit or a miss, there must be a way to find out how to resume them.
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    The HWC Chimp Challenge 2010 Thread: Go Bananas!

    Ah alright thanks for the explanation guys.
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    The HWC Chimp Challenge 2010 Thread: Go Bananas!

    "as we will not end up downloading WUs that will get spoiled." What do you mean by this? How will they get spoiled? As in if you finish a WU and it auto starts the other one, then you shut it down?