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    Want to Sell water cooling parts

    :shok: R3F price :shok: free bump, surprised that hasnt sold instantly, what a great price. wish i could use it for something
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    XFX vs Corsair

    get the corsair for the customer service. they are the only company that will replace any component that is fried as a result of their PSU failing. no other company offers this. most companies only replace their PSU and you are shit out of luck about anything the PSU fried.
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    Want to Sell Nexus One+2 Docks and battery (Rogers/AT&T variant.) $400!

    my nexus s has arrived, need this gone!
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    Want to Sell Nexus One+2 Docks and battery (Rogers/AT&T variant.) $400!

    I know this phone works on rogers/at&t, and have been told it will work on telus/bell as they all use 1900mhz for 3G Included with the sale are the following items: Nexus One phone (sorry no box, lost the original box for the phone) Desktop Dock with wall charger and line out cable (original...
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    Dell U2711 or U3011 ?

    its an amazing monitor, you will love it. that price is great and i wouldnt be too hesitant, iirc that is exactly what i paid, $779. personally id get it direct from dell, free shipping and better warranty.
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    Dell U2711 or U3011 ?

    i bought my u2711 for 780 when it was on sale on dells website. at that price there is no reason to go with the u3011, iirc they are very similar. if we are talking regular pricing it wouldnt be much more to opt for the 30" and would make sense, but at the sale price the u2711 goes on its a...
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    XSPC Dedicated WC Cases!

    more fan controllers. depending on what you do, you could end up with alot of fans. push pull on 5 triple rads? :biggrin:
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    Cheapest 1920x1080

    dell has a great monitor on sale right now, the P2311H for $159 DELL Dell - Professional P2311H 23-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor : Monitors: Flat Screen LCD Computer Displays | Dell Canada

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