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    cooling for Dell Perc H310

    they're amazing at moving heat to its outer edges so you can move it away. or if you have space, you could always mount a thermalright HR-55 on it.
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    American general says: Canada’s F-35s ‘irrelevant’ without F-22 as support

    seems like if we want to go big, we should just produce a weapon fit for our C-17's. rough estimate says 1.2 gigatons of TNT equivalency should fit. though, if ever used, would really give a new definition to worldwide disaster.
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    Crucial M4 or Adata S511

    I'd vote for the M4 too as well. It's the "current gen" X-25M.
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    Tomato firmware and bridging security

    Grab a 63-digit ASCII password from: https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm
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    Post File server build options with varying capacity drives

    For small arrays (8 or less), the Perc6i is probably the best bang for the buck available. You can wrangle one with a BBU for ~<150$ CAD. It may be a little old, but it's still capable of fully-saturating 8 mechanical drives. There are of course much better forming and up-to-date controllers...
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    Router Selection

    Can I vote for building your own? I've got an "antique" system based off of a DFI SLI-DR running PFSense as my router. Not power-consumption friendly but the damn thing can't be overwhelmed by a residential connection's network I/O. It's never exceeded 3% load with god awful Realtek NICs. Load...
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    Problems with Telus' D-Link D-link DVA G3810BN - extra router?

    If you're getting Optik, you should be able to request the ALU modem. I've only got the cheapo 6mbps dsl.
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    Problems with Telus' D-Link D-link DVA G3810BN - extra router?

    I have the router, and this is exactly what you need to do to make the modem usable. Even then, it's horrendous, and starts flaking out if you put any kind of real connection load on it.
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    EVGA X58 FTW3 Stata3 Usb3

    A quick glance at my sig would show you that my motherboard isn't with its stock fitting.
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    EVGA X58 FTW3 Stata3 Usb3

    That NB heatsink looks awesome. completely passive.
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    EVGA Produces Non-Reference GTX 470, Promises Better Temps

    It'd be interesting to see a review of them in comparison to a "normal" GTX470.
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    Dell Monitor sale on now

    It looks Canadian to me too.
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    i7 920 - Which heatsink?

    Yeah, Hyper 212+ is the ultimate bang for the buck.
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    Which tools do you use to overclock your gpu on win 7?

    MSI Afterburner for me.
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    The 100TB Project

    That's fracking gorgeous. GG man. I'm pretty envious.

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