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  • Hey John! Long time no speak- Things are great- family not any bigger yet :) I've been working seven day a week for the last month so very busy and my poor wife is paying for it.

    How's things in teh chi? Still running the distribution biz?
    Hey...congrats on the soon to be new arrival. Oh and relax the first month or so baby will eat sleep and poop pretty much in that order and usually only stay awake long enough to change and feed lol. Then it's all down hill from there.....just kidding. Bit of a life change but a good one.
    Yeah- I was in the field friday but not this week finally got my rig back up- Boreas works great but haven't had time to push the processor.

    OFP looks good- lots of cyool weapons- the people/faces look like they may be a little blocky. Could it be the new CoD? ;-)
    Gettin lots of rain your way? Might have to trade the truck in for a boat if it rains much more here lol. Thinking about trying out the new Operation Flashpoint. It comes out Oct 8th I think. Looks like a lot of fun.
    Boreas 12....wow that's gonna be some fun oc'n. Pick up a tech station if you don't already have one. They are great to work with. Hopefully I'll be off next time your down and I can stay up past 9PM lol.
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