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    The Happy thread!

    Holy fancy getup!
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    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Is kind of cool that AMC was the official car provider for a couple of those bond movies in the moonraker era - mid 70's - can't beat seeing an AMC hornet doing a barrel roll jump. Also - I don't get what they are trying to suggest with the name "Plenty O'Toole" - was she a transgender? bond...
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    Rants etc.....

    My peeve of the month - people who repost false harmful conspiracies without bothering to do a quick fact check first.
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    Undervolting Acer Predator Helios 3

    I have an Acer Predator Helios 3 and despite taking it all apart and reapplying proper thermal interface on the CPU and mosfets it still runs at 80c a lot of the time. I know that gaming laptops run hot but I have heard that people in the know undervolt these to cool them down. I am no...
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    What music subscription service are you using?

    I have a bunch of Sonos speakers that I use Deezer with but also play it through a set of KEF LS50s and also to my main home stereo system via a Sonos bridge. Works fine on all of those. I tend to listen to my main system without any post-processing so no delays for me. I do find when you...
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    What music subscription service are you using?

    How much is Amazon HD?/ We've been running Deezer HD for years - I have high-end equipment so I want good quality but I haven't shopped around in ages.
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    let's talk about electric vehicles - what are your thoughts?

    Gotta say this is a great thread - a lot of input from thoughtful people.
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    let's talk about electric vehicles - what are your thoughts?

    We have been holding out on replacing our car for two extra years, waiting for a good EV option and our car is almost falling apart lol. We would like a Hyundai Kona EV or the 2021 rav4 prime with 200+ kms of electric range but Quebec dealerships with their regulatory EV quotas suk them all up...
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    F.I.L build

    Thanks guys - I ended up buying between Canada Computers and Newegg - everything was on sale and the shipping wasn't bad. I went with a micro atx mobo https://www.newegg.ca/gigabyte-ga-a320m-s2h/p/N82E16813145054?Item=N82E16813145054 ....and a Fractal Design Define Mini C Black Silent Compact...
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    F.I.L build

    Thanks Bond - That is a much nicer PSU I think - I have had good luck with seasonics and it's more efficient too. Might be worth the shipping.
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    Remember the 1000mph fastball?

    I expected resin to ooze out of him like Stretch Armstrong when I was a kid
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    F.I.L build

    I think it's actually windows 10 - I might try to reuse it. The keys are only five bucks on ebay. So Sagath - would you try to reuse the old PSU as well?
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    F.I.L build

    Hey Steve and Sagath! Thanks - Yeah that prebuilt system is a good deal where it has the better APU and windows installed - I worry a bit about the crappy PSU but it may be the nest way to go- I was a little surprised to see that I could come pretty close on amazon - see cart below - Black...
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    F.I.L build

    Hi Guys - I haven't built a system in a couple of years so I'm a little out of touch. I can hardly believe it but it has been ten years since I put my father in law's computer together and he's looking to replace. He likes snappy performance and is keen on having an SSD and 16gb ram. My...