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    drives for raid, question

    They will work fine in RAID together. I used 4 maxtors in raid 0. Performance wise I would save and get a raptor. From personal experience the 4 disk raid was no comparison to the raptors. Even 7 disks(7k) could not beat the two disk raptor raid.
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    GTX 295 3Dmark06 of 13019?

    Wow! Thanks for all of the posts! Bought a 9650. Installed it and ORB - Compare I have not changed any settings in the control panel or 3dmark. I see that 181.22 should be the driver that I use so I will install that tonight. I have both the 8 pin and 6pin power connected and the card has...
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    GTX 295 3Dmark06 of 13019?

    Thanks for the reply's. I am using "" I downloaded this about a week ago. I checked and SLI is enabled. Should physics be enabled as well?
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    GTX 295 3Dmark06 of 13019?

    First, This is rocks!:canadianwave: very nice. I used to live near Winnipeg. Now Colorado. I just got my GTX 295 and popped it in last night. Ran 3dmark and what a disappointment.:angry2: ORB - Compare I am going to try and re clean and reinstall the drivers but i am not optimistic. I have...
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    Rampage II Extreme and GTX 295 CMOS ERR

    Same problem here. On a ASUS maximus. When i got it I installed the card and it posted. Then when I reboot I have no video from either port or the HDMI. If I take the card out for a few hours I can then re install it and it will work. I tried the card in a 680 and 780 mother board and the...