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    Acer Nitro 5

    For its price it definitely delivers more performance than expected,it can deliver 105fps GTA V 1080P high settings & actually does'nt run hot,good buy if you ask me
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    Acer Nitro 5

    I just bought this Acer Nitro 5,specs are Ryzen 5 3500H Vega 8 Igpu & RX 560X,16GB DDR4 2666Mhz ram,256gb nvme pcie ssd,I added a 960 EVO 1TB SSD.So far it games pretty well & runs cool,but what do you guys think about it?I paid Sgd$930 excluding 960 evo ssd,below is the one I bought...
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    New to computers, what are your thoughts on this build, change anything?

    The worst of Intel 9th gen you actually call it the best?Do you not know that 9600k has known throttling issues resulting in serious stuttering in certain games resulting in unusually low lowest frame rates in quite a few games,don't believe me check youtube for 9600k stuttering.Also retail box...
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    New to computers, what are your thoughts on this build, change anything?

    I would i7 9700K to i9 9900K simply because of Hyper threading
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    New PC Build

    Get any cpu that is 4 cores,8 threads & at least rtx 2060 super gpu & you are set
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    8-10" pad with full sized usb

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    Budget cell phone

    Get either a redmi note 8 or realme,these give the best performance for the price
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    My new Dell 15 5575 ... IMHO a good deal

    While this laptop is reasonably priced,I would'nt consider it good since it has more than 1 serious flaws,1)TN panel=terrible viewing angles & colour reproduction.2)No discrete gpu means poor gaming performance.3)70c is not that bad,but not great either.This below has IPS screen,decent gaming...
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    Motherboard for i9-9990k?

    I reccomend this mobo,TUF kinda inadequate vrm phases to handle i9 9900k especially when oced to 5ghz
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    Upgrading my first pc

    I agree,but it will make better sense to go for an RTX 2060 since RX 5700 is erratic & performs poorly on some games
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    Radiator RGB Fans options for Canadians?

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33045333840.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.66ef4c4d5Glitl Check this out,reasonably priced,performs well & absolutely stunning to look at
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    Pc Build Color Theme

    I would recomend an all white tg case like NZXT elite 510 or Tecware nexus matched with rgb fans & rgb strips,the interior of your pc can be any colour you want it this way
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    Is this good? Or should I change something?

    Based on OP budget, best he stick with the included wraith prism cooler, it's an air cooler & rgb & it's free
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    Is this good? Or should I change something?

    Here is one point you don't quite get it,most people on this planet have ambients from 18-25c give & take,so a liquid cooler always beats air cooler in most case,while temperature may appear the same,water is better than air at sustaining temperature.Try having a fan blowing at you at 20c & a...
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    Is this good? Or should I change something?

    I am from Singapore where ambient is 28-32 degrees Celsius, high humidity all year long. NO, Its definitely not a bad mount,I have been building pc for over 20 years & build for clients too. Those clunky air coolers have flaws that you seem to forget:they are reliant on room ambient temps...