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    Full LGA1155 System 2600K 2x6950

    Bump? Sorry any idea for individual part prices? I am interested in selling the beast. Everything is pretty much new quality.
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    Full LGA1155 System 2600K 2x6950

    Looking to get a laptop and move on from my power house desktop days. Not sure if I should try Kijiji as a whole system or part out. Here are the details: Intel i7-2600k LGA1155 Gigabyte P67A-UD7-B3 Intel X25-M 160GB SSD 2x2GB G.Skill F3-17066CL7D DDR3-2133 (7-10-7-27 1.65v) w/Fan 2x2GB...
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    Hostingrails screwing me, I need a new cheap host. Recommendations?

    Web Hosting by A Small Orange | Business, VPS, Shared, Dedicated Host
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    SandyBridge in the Wild in Canada!

    Good to know.. I just got my replacement board in so I can keep playing with my chip.. I was able to get 4.5 Ghz stable with DDR1866 Cas7 on 1.28ish volts... Hopefully be able to clock this weekend after I get the data off my raid..
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    Design Flaw In Intel 6 Series Chipset Halts Manufacturing and Recalls Imminent

    What is the potential damage of this ? I just had my P67-UD7 go down on me and will not boot. Now it did happen while I was flashing a backup bios but my system now just goes into a continual reboot (doesn't stay on for more than 2 seconds). Will this physically damage your hard drives or just...
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    SandyBridge in the Wild in Canada!

    I like the UD7 but I was trying to find some low voltage stable oc's to begin (I am more interested in 24/7 settings then benchies right now). I can get into windows @5Ghz if i remember correctly around 1.36ish Vcore with LLC Level 2 enabled. It takes a lot of juice to jump to 4.5Ghz though like...
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    p67 ud4 vs ud5

    It's Air cooling Venemous-X in a 800D

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