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    GPU Fan RPM wont change

    I actually bought that card a long time ago at an NCIX warehouse sale. It very well may have been an open box item but ncix had so many of them which made me think they were just clearing old stock. It wasn't that much cheaper than regular price too. Anyways, I never actually used the card...
  2. bigFOIG

    Not enough RAM making my PC slow?

    It's not the RAM. I'm 99% sure it's the hard drive. Get an SSD to boot your OS in and keep your 1TB for storage. If you go into task manager, you can see how much RAM you're actually using and unless it's showing that you're always using close to 4GB RAM, you won't really need to add any ram.
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    Want to Buy Any LGA 1366 heatsink fan.

    edit: meant to send as PM
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    The Offical Car thread!!!

    So here's why I haven't been on HWC for a long long time! Been pouring money into my new baby.
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    Best TV for $1000

    Was also going to suggest that. After blowing 1600 on a 55" Smart TV (this was a while back), I would spend a bit more for a projector and a screen if I could do it over again.

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