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    I need a new chair...

    That comment would have been more helpful with examples of "nicer chairs for less". Just cause I'm shopping too!
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    SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full Size Headset Review Comment Thread

    It's been a long time since I posted that and I've been meaning to update my post for a long long time. This may look like a thread necro, but I just want to set the record straight on my previous assumption of this product. I've had the Siberia headset for a couple years now. They are still...
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    Battlefield 4

    qft :angry2:
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    Battlefield 4

    Indeed. But on the UP side, the game seems to recognize the multiple buttons on a mouse better than it ever did. I binded a few of my buttons without having to assign a key stroke to that mouse button like I've had to do for a looonnnngggg time with many other games including BF3. :thumb:
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    WTF? can a computer even do that?

    Seems very similar to a computer going to sleep, waking up. Power goes out when it goes to sleep. And when it wakes up, everything that was on the screen is still on the screen. Do you have a sleep button on your keyboard that you may have pressed inadvertently.
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    ARMA 3

    Update... but somehow save your "controls" profile! Because the update crushes whatever settings you have and it replaces them with the default values :angry2: And we know there's quite a f***n bunch of settings in there!
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    Some inquiries on mice with extra buttons

    In Setpoint. Bind your buttons to keystrokes. Find keys you aren't using. In your game. Bind your actions to the keystroke you set in Setpoint. In some games, mouse clicks bound the keystrokes are not recognized when you are binding. Therefore, you use your keyboard to bind the key, but you...
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    ARMA 3

    Arma3 is indeed quite different than most everything I have played thus far. But I think I'll like it alot once I get my head around all the buttons and options.
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    ARMA 3

    Thanks for the reminder. It looks like I'll be playing some Arma3 tonight! 34.49CAN$ through Paypal!
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    Battlefield 3

    Why did I not feel affected at all? I mean, I was able to connect to every single servers I usually connect to. My ping has remained stable, and I did not loose connection. Nor was I denied a connection. Sure in some occasion I had to attempt to connect multiple times to some server, but that...
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    ARMA 3

    Yes please. I'm that close to spending the $$ on it. I even created a Steam account solely based on your comments about the game.
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    Computer randomly restarting

    Good. It is still weird that it would crap out following a clean up. But then again, according to reviews... who really knows what to expect from them...
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    Computer randomly restarting

    Unless you have money to burn, don't throw any of it on parts you don't know are going to fix your problem. If you post your general location, you may find a member that's close enough and willing to lend you a psu to test. Or another system to test your psu in. We have a pretty good community...
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    Computer randomly restarting

    Have you tried clearing the bios? To me your problem is more likely to be hardware based than software based, but a bios reset often fixes weird behaviors. You started having issues immediately after cleaning your components. So you should also make sure your cleaning did not leave any...
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    Home Keg Dispensing

    Is this not enough? Beer Pump Keg Tap | eBay A manual pump doesn't have as much of a cool factor, but it would be much simpler and cheaper on every level. Then again, I know nothing on that topic.

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