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    Which 120mm fan for Ultra 120 extreme

    Here I don't like to make subjective comments but here are some of the "king of the hills": XS Fan Review - Part 2 - XtremeSystems Forums Fan Mini-Review: Fan Roundup 3 Begins - XtremeSystems Forums From there you shall find some empirical data that may help in the decision process. Anything...
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    Air Cooling Project: 101. Lowered CPU load by 9-10C

    Sorry for lack of updates but I got made redundant from work, had the 2 HDD's fail (I bloody neglected their cooling during the "open case" build) and then had the cheap and nasty lugs on the stock Intel HS pop and kill my gem 805D in the missus PC :sad::sad::sad:. Well my Video Card was...
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    ATI Tool using lots of cpu usage

    Cool, good to see the H20 blocks seems to be making good contact.
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    Over clocking my CPU

    Damn I have to agree the vCore at 1.55v :shok:, try and lower that if you can, but then you mention you want to up the vMCH (NB) :shok::shok:. Hope your ready to pay to replace some parts! What and how are you measuring the temps with? Looking at your CPU upper critical limits your going...
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    The Slap Chop Rap

    WOW I f...ing hate it.
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    Rants etc.....

    Ouch would a "screenshot" have been sufficient to imply a "stated contract" (probably not because of their T&C). Tell them to stick it up their bums. Isn't the Intel X25-M G2 the superior product (cost vs benefit ratio) and a bit cheaper then that?
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    5970 releaste date and price?

    It looks pretty sexy I gotta say: 5970 - Google News Techtree.com India > News > Hardware > Radeon HD 5970 Dual-GPU Card Photos Leaked
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    ATI Tool using lots of cpu usage

    Well to get you started: FurMark: Graphics Card Stability and Stress Test, OpenGL Benchmark and GPU Temperature | oZone3D.Net Then you should try something like this but if you don't see the temp scaling with load hit esc real quick and pull your Video Card down and reseat the H20 block. Damn...
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    ATI Tool using lots of cpu usage

    Relative to ATT it sounds like a memory leak, I would uninstall it using CCleaner (Reg Clean tool as well) and then reinstall it. Have to agree with the latest Furmark do a 60s run and it will show highest GPU temp from that instant. With the H20 block is there any active fan towards the Video...
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    Intel E5200 Suicide Runs

    Well just to provide some inspiration here are some suicide runs I have done on my new system, it is a Q6600 with a high VID:1.325 so the highest FSB on a 1:2 ratio I have seen is 406 and then BSOD 1/2 through SuperPi: GSkill (2x1G) DDR3 1333 PC10600 (F3-10600CL9D-2GBNQ) Budget RAM OC run
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    Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme Motherboard Review Comment Thread

    True it would look very nice. Initial test runs are looking good. With the latest economy fluctuations RAM prices have gone a bit crazy in Australia and I had drama's finding any semi-decent kits at reasonable pricing so I bought a budget kit to get it up and running and gave that a bit of a...
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    Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme Motherboard Review Comment Thread

    Well it's up and running and 3oh6 your write up is arguably the most honest review I have found on this mobo today and I'm very glad I found it :thumb:. I have been testing a budget RAM kit in it to see what the memory will do but to also help me find my way around. I'm loving EasyTune6 and it...
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    Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme Motherboard Review Comment Thread

    You would love this pic then, will be adding a CNPS9500 to it as well but gotta give it a soak firstly. Just seemed to really catch all the "bling-bling".
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    Air Cooling Project: 101. Lowered CPU load by 9-10C

    Every now and then (very rarely in my case) someone from above looks down and smiles upon you giving you something you really want, I won this from entering this competition: Vote for Team Australia heading to Gigabyte Overclocking Taiwan Comp & WIN PRIZES! - Overclockers Australia Forums...
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    Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme Motherboard Review Comment Thread

    Thank you very much and as I have read in several threads that the P45 and ICH10 chipsets run "very cool" already so I won't over complicate things :thumb:. Can't wait to see what this sucker will do just finished the nLite of the OS, will be getting the RAM tomorrow and take it for a spin, I...