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    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Jack Ryan. Pretty good production all around.
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    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Well said, agreed.
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    Budget Android phone?

    I usually stick to ASUS Zenfone for low budget ones. I had the 2, the 3, and now have the 4. The 4 was more expensive but worth it to me. If I had a small budget like $300, I would get a different brand, probably from Costco. If you're interested in a Zenfone you can go check them out at Memory...
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    Matebook X Pro?

    Did anyone here get a Matebook X Pro, and if so, what do you think so far? I got mine a couple of months ago. I do like it, very light, yet feels sturdy. The fingerprint scan/power button works great, good battery life, comfortable keyboard. The touchpad is good, but even after playing with its...
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    what is your go-to motherboard brand?

    ASUS, because of experience and comfort. I've used their utilities for a long time. I tried an ASRock earlier this year and really didn't like their fan control options (or lack thereof) in the utility they provided. Just one example. MSI would be my second go-to brand.
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    what is your go-to motherboard brand?

    Didn't have problems with both ASRock's rebates I submitted this year and received in September. It does take a while, like most of them.
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    Leduc for a young family? Other Areas?

    Hi. I'm in Sherwood Park, on the South side on 2 acres, in city limits. Beautiful area. Have no issues with the gas refineries, they are quite far from where I'm at. St-Albert is a beautiful city, but I never liked the commute to Edmonton. From what you wrote, I would recommend you check...
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    Printed all my plastic parts, got all my bolts and bearings, time to start assembling! The goal is to cut frames for 3D printers :biggrin: https://www.v1engineering.com/specifications/
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    Best clean for plexi?

    Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions everyone. The bleach didn't do much. In the end, a toothbrush with dish soap did the trick.
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    Best clean for plexi?

    It's the plexi on EKWB stuff, reservoir, pump top, GPU and CPU.
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    carpal tunnel syndrome on your keyboard hand

    I developed CP in my right wrist in the late '90s playing too much Starcraft. I'm right handed. I couldn't touch a mouse the pain was so bad. I learned to use my left hand for the mouse. PITA. But to this day, still use my left hand for the mouse. Whenever I work on someone's computer and use my...
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    Best clean for plexi?

    Hi... what would your suggestion be to clean plexi tinted by coloured cooling liquid? Is there a product available, or is dish soap good enough? I don't want to scratch it either.
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    USD MailIn Rebate

    So I got my $10 USD mail-in rebate for a computer part I bought... it's on one of those temporary/gift card "credit card". How can I use this? Without knowing the exact amount to charge in CAD, not sure how I can use this card, online or retail.
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    EconoFil Filament

    Yes, kuddos for them with following through. I totally will try their new stock. Without the stringing and breaking issues, it's still a pretty good value.
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    EconoFil Filament

    Took a while to hear back from them until just now, got a recall notification;

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