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    AMD Reveals RX Vega Price, Performance & Specs (COMMENT THREAD)

    I'm hoping that since AMD keeps marketing FreeSync as the reason to switch to AMD that Nvidia announces support for it. Nvidia could totally wreck their one talking point if they could just be a little less greedy and support both adaptive sync options.
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    Star Wars Battlefront

    You can get it for around 60$ if you buy it through GreenManGaming, you'll need to use the coupon code to get 23% off, pay in US dollars, and wait till release for your code. I like it quite a bit, reminds me a lot of Bad Company 2. The amount of health you have and how long it takes to kill...
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    The R9 Nano Performance Review Comment Thread

    So has anyone figured out a build that could actually take advantage of such a short card? Most ITX cases are still pretty huge, I wanna see something the size of a Xbox or PS4.
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    The R9 Nano Performance Review Comment Thread

    If you were building a media center for a 1080p tv this would be a great card. Not very convincing at 4k though.
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    Canon DSLR's

    Have you considered looking at a used 5d Mark II? Pretty much the same as a 6d without a couple features. My one issue with my 5dII and I assume the 6d is the autofocus just isn't very good, only having one cross point sensor really does limit you. Also indoors in lowlight basically only the...
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    4k question

    So is there no other way to drive a 4k television at 60fps with a PC then use HDMI 2.0?
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    EVGA GTX 980 Ti Superclocked+ Review Comment Thread

    This seems like the best card on the market right now since all the Titan X's have reference coolers. Have to thank AMD for this offering up some competition with the Fury X. I doubt Nvidia would have released the 980ti with so much of the GPU unlocked unless they wanted to beat the Fury X...
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    The AMD R9 Fury X Review; Fiji Arrives. Comment Thread

    Man those are hugely disappointing overclocking results, I was hoping it would allow some huge voltage increases and the overclock would end up being temperature limited. Power limiter is way to low. GTX 980ti gets over a 20% overclock AND you can overclock the memory too. GTX 980ti...
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    AMD's Next Gen GPU; A Recipe for Success. Comment Thread

    Looking at the speculation, AMDs 329$ competitor to the GTX 970 is just going to be a rebranded 290 with 8GB of memory instead of 4GB. That in my opinion is pretty weak, that the volume leader card is going to be slower(probably at all resolutions) but have more memory. I do think they'll...
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    AMD R9 300 series

    390x will be a little bit faster than a GTX 980 390 will be a little bit faster than a GTX 970 GTX 980ti and Titan X will be totally untouched
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    Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt

    Uhhhggg I'm struggling to find enough time to play this game, first game in a while I want to sit down and play for 8 hours straight. Hard to put 2 hours together even. Hope I don't get to burnt out on the early areas as I've been doing everything hitting all the question marks on the map.
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    AMD's FreeSync; A Long-Term Review (Comment Thread)

    So when G-Sync drops below 40fps it will jump up to 78hz and display every frame twice? Because you figure everything below 72hz on a 144hz they could just double up frames all the way down to avoid getting cut off at 40hz. So when it hits 72fps jump back up to 144hz, or is it that transition...
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    CoD® Advanced Warfare

    The first DLC of new maps is in the regular rotation now, so they should come up occasionally. I still find I can find at least 1 team deathmatch all the time, which is pretty sad I guess. Still think the game is fantastic, playing at 90fps with 90 degree field of view it's like an old arena...
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    The NVIDIA TITAN X Performance Review (Comment Thread)

    How is it overkill for 1440p? The best gaming monitor on the market right now is 1440p 144hz and one Titan X won't even come close to driving it properly, I doubt it's even hitting 144fps in most games 1080p. The GPU isn't even powerful enough to exploit the games that will use 12GB of ram...
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    At this point the only playable DLC is skins for characters, game is complete just with the base version at the moment. It's definitely pretty unique, kinda like Left 4 Dead meets TF2 meets hide and seek. Will say it's not really a relaxing game to play at all, it can be very stressful and...