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    Motherboard Issue?

    Have you removed the side panel from your chassis while diagnosing? The noise could be something as simple as a loose wire hitting your cpu coolers fan blades. If possible, try disconnecting all hard drives save for the SSD boot drive, then start adding them back in one by one. Also now would be...
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    AMD FX-8350 Owners?

    I'll likely bump the clocks a little, I've always thought AMD catered well to their enthusiasts by way of unlocked CPU's. Thanks to all for the insight on this subject, I believe I will make the leap and pick up a new Asus board and CPU within the coming weeks.
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    AMD FX-8350 Owners?

    AM3+ has really served a lot of people well it seems. I have lost interest in desktop RAID, and really don't require m-SATA on an ATX board as there is already sufficient connectivity with regards to storage and PCI-e. Thanks for your input.
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    AMD FX-8350 Owners?

    Good to hear, is it still in use at the moment? I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on an AMD themed rig for awhile fearing the dreaded "buyers remorse" in doing so. It's easy to look at benchmarks all day yet still not be able to grasp a products "feel". Much appreciated.
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    AMD FX-8350 Owners?

    Lately I have been considering a new build using the aforementioned CPU, even after perusing a steady stream of benchmarks and the like. This build is for general gaming and content creation, and will not be required for anything mission-critical. I have not built an AMD rig since my dual FX-74...
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    The Happy thread!

    Briefly thought my day was ruined as I wandered towards a shopping mall after parking my vehicle, heard a sickening "crunch" and turned around to see my vehicle rocking after being hit by another car. Fortunately the guy's front bumper just scuffed my tire, on the other hand, his bumper got the...
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    Audio Recording Crashes, Help!

    Audio recording software can have a lot of issues on different hardware. Assuming all software and drivers are up to date, try recording with windows power options set to high performance, and consider disabling EIST and C1 states in the BIOS for a trial run. Other than that, good luck.
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    copyng/transcoding DVDs

    AnyDVD is great for stripping the copy protection, and for ripping to disc. After ripping the movie, perhaps try using HandBrake for conversion. You may want to also watch system temps, and possibly test ram and run chkdsk for good measure. Transcoding can be quite memory intensive at times, and...
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    first gaming build. Need advice

    A wireless adapter will allow you to connect to your wireless router sans cables. There are also bridges and repeaters that will also due the job, though I have not used those personally. You may want to look into a power line adapter as well, they work over your homes electrical wiring that is...
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    Modular EPS12v cable?

    Professional Series? HX / Enthusiast Series? TXM / Builder Series CXM Individually Sleeved Modular Cables ? Black - PSU Accessories - Power Supply Units Corsair is just amazing.
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    Back To Fencing!!!

    Awesome job, another fine example of hard work and pride in craftsmanship.
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    first gaming build. Need advice

    Hey there, build looks pretty solid. If you can afford a larger SSD (256 GB) you will have some additional headroom for games, programs, etc. A 128 GB drive can seem awfully small quite fast. With regards to wireless connectivity, you may be interested in something like this wireless adapter at...
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    The Happy thread!

    After a longer than expected hiatus from this world, I am back where I want to be, living in Saskatoon again.
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    Post your age!

    33 and ready to retire:biggrin:
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    Funny Joke to make you laugh

    Having grown up on a farm with electric fences, I couldn't stop laughing. Sorry.

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