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    EVGA X58 LE Network Issues

    I have been having some minor problems with this board since I got it... Started out running fine, no problems at all. Then it would randomly start giving me an error on boot that no operating system could be found, and press ctrl alt del to reboot. I'd then launch the recovery software from...
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    32 FPS in crysis 8)

    The 8800GTXs can't adjust the voltage with hardmods.
  3. CanadaRox

    Cost of Left 4 Dead 2 Steam in Canadian?

    I work in retail, and be aware that some of those pre-paid cards have a small fee to them, so when you get a $50, it may end up being a little less (which is a HUGE pain the in ass when a customer insists its a $50 card so they wont call the number for 15min, and then finally call and find out...
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    Xeon X3440?

    If its anything like my old X3350, any board that supports the desktop counterpart (which was the Q9450 for me) will support the "Xeon" counterpart. Generally the Xeon's that work with desktop motherboards are the exact same as the desktop chip, Intel just renamed them so OEMs like Dell can say...
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    Modern Warfare 2 - HWC Benchmark or Not?

    One of my friends bought the game for PC and said that the multiplayer generally isn't too laggy, but I would take his opinion with a grain of salt as this is the type of gamer who doesn't notice a huge difference between 20-30FPS at lowest settings and 100+FPS at highest settings in Source...
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    Loop Not Filling?

    That should be fine since Feser One is mostly just distilled water anyways. Generally when I am filling my loop I have to completely fill the res at least five times, between each time running the pump and tipping the case every direction, including upsidedown, on its front, on both sides and...
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    Got my Eyefinity going on!!!

    I would seriously consider this if the HUD in FPSs was on the center monitor and if when you maximized a Window it went to only one monitor instead of across all three. I wouldn't be surprised if in the near future there was a way to do that, but until then I'll stick with my 22in CRT for...
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    Which 120mm fan for Ultra 120 extreme

    I've never had any problems undervolting. I used two 1600RPM ones in my HTPC, one at 7V constant and the other variable depending on CPU speed and they both sounded amazing.
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    Modern Warfare 2 - HWC Benchmark or Not?

    Ya you can get the FPS from Fraps or similar tools, but even if they play the exact same section of gameplay it may still vary greatly. Maybe when they are doing one card, the AI players throw 8 grenades, but then with the next card they only throw 2. Things like that will cause so much error...
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    Modern Warfare 2 - HWC Benchmark or Not?

    Another question to be asked... Don't the current benchmarks just run a demo recorded by one of the reviewers? Assuming that is the case, how will one record and play back demos with the lack of a console unless IW has opted to add a special menu for this, and based on how poorly they are...
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    l4d2 demo

    I'm pretty sure it is not in the demo. I didn't see anything about it when I was checking out the weapons with the "give" console command. For those interested in trying out the new SI, it is possible to even play a very ghetto version of 2v2 versus. Just download this mod L4D2 Multihack...
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    Ya I'm still using a level 17 sniper at level 31. It may only have a 1.0x zoom, but I've got a ton of experience playing sniper in games, so that is plenty for me. What makes this gun so sweet is the 98.1 accuracy! I wish it had the tall rectangle scope with the green dot though, that one is...
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    Borderlands Loot Thread.

    I don't get where you find all this crazy stuff!! I'm currently level 31, and I've yet to find a sniper that can compete with my level 17 sniper (~260dmg/98.1acc/0.9 rate/+150% crits/1.0 zoom/3shot clip/Vladof). I did have a shield with ~450cap/65regen/extremely fast health regen, but when I...
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    DDR2 vs. DDR3 proportional latency/frequency, same performance?

    DDR3-1600 would give about twice the bandwidth as DDR2-800 and likely with a similar latency (8-8-8-24 would be exactly double 4-4-4-12). Also I've seen a lot of DDR3 that is capable of running at 1T instead of 2T (compared to DDR2) which gives a decent bump in bandwidth.
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    Need a Dual rad

    Even with a CPU, NB and a single GPU the MCR-220 should hold up fine, especially if you put push/pull Yate Loons on like 3.0charlie suggested (I'd suggest getting a bit larger for all that, and the X58 NB doesn't require watercooling). Mosfets don't really need anymore more than some airflow...

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