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    Wireless or Powerline Ethernet

    I just hooked this up today, Unifi | Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. it does a pretty good job. Excellent interface for easy setup, security settings, multiple accounts,ie. Guest Account with restrictions, and uses MIMO technology. Being salable it is awesome for larger homes. I just hooked it up...
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    Testing NVidia Physics

    Well I seem to have lost some or all of the physics settings in my GTX285. Last week I was playing MW2 and was very impressed by the physics I was seeing. Leaves blowing around, and environment enhancements that I do not see while playing the same game on xbox. I had just replaced my 8800 GTS...
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    :biggrin::biggrin::thumb: A huge thank you and props for BFG Customer support... My BFG GTX 285 recently fried, possibly the driver update that shut down my fan. I was stupid, and failed to register my BFG card when I purchased it almost a year ago. After it fried I called BFG who were...
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    No physix drivers installed after I installed them? Help!!

    I seem to have the same problem. I recently installed the latest release of Nividia Drivers. Last night I was attempting to show a friend the difference Physics makes in MOD 2 on my GTX285. The embarassment set in when there was no physics effects even though it all worked the day before I...
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    Boot Up problem... Again!!

    Well seems I am plagued lately with problems. Must be the retirement from the CF and not yet havng a new jod to go into. Grrrr.... In amny cast I have a new problem with Rig #1. When I turn on the PC it gives me the normal startup screen and then once it gets to the boot device it does...
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    Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme orientation?

    The HAF is an easy case to reconfigure. I would suggest running your own test. Set it up one direction and use a prorgam like OCCT to work your rig, or fold with it. record your max,min and average temps. The following week reconfigure and do the same. Then when you have the results, set it...
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    Look what I stole

    You can just give it to me. My 22" Samsung bit the bullet this week.
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    Bootup Issues?!?!? HELP!!!

    Well as always, when trouble shooting you should eliminate the obvious 1st. My problem does not lay with the PSU or GPUs. My problem s with my Samsung SyncMaster 226BW. The monitor is pouched. I have to find the reciept now and hopefully it is still under waranty. SNAP!!
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    Bootup Issues?!?!? HELP!!!

    So if my supply is dead, any suggestions for a replacement? I want something ultra quiet that can power my rig with 2 or perhaps 3 high end GPUs for future expansion.
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    Bootup Issues?!?!? HELP!!!

    Guess I will try it on the weekend. I was going to stick rig two in my Antec 900 case anyway. Will slave the Liberty 500w on Rig one during the swap. Grrrrrr......
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    Interesting Beers

    I just kegged a German Kolsch, very nice beer slightly similar to a Pilsner style beer. On the weekend I will be kegging an Old Peculiar, can't wait. It is a beautiful dark ale.
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    Bootup Issues?!?!? HELP!!!

    Regular single beep and all fans up and running. I have hibernate and sleep turned off.
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    Bootup Issues?!?!? HELP!!!

    The last couple few days have been very frustrating. When I wake up in the morning I find my system (Rig 1) has crashed. No blue screen. When I try to restart I get a flicker of the startup screen then blackness. I did have a few video driver reports last week so I updated with the most...
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    yes im crazy....

    You best be folding@home with that puppy. Whew PPD will be great.
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    Innovation Cooling 7 Carat Diamond TIM Test results thread *NOW ACCEPTING RESULTS!!*

    Results look pretty good for me, 2Deg drop from the MX2. Overall temps were actually 3-4 degress lower over the run of the tests.

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