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    GIGABYTE R9 290X WindForce OC Review Comment Thread

    Wow, second page and no one, not even staff, have made any comments about the card itself? :shok: Nice card, great results for temp and noise! I see I will have my usual dilemna about whether to buy Asus, Gigabyte or MSI - when the time comes in a year or so for me to buy. The good aftermarket...
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    Help with mid-level gaming build

    If you can find a deal on a used amd 7950, that would give you about 660ti/760 performance (so better than 660). But the 7950/70's were used a lot for mining before the R9 cards came along, so be wary buying one used as it may have been running 24/7. If you look at new, the 660 and the R9 270...
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    GTX 780ti or 290 with waterblock?

    I'm very much a cost/performance person, so for me (or anyone focused on value) then the 290x is the obvious choice. Even with a waterblock it is still a better cost/performance then a 780ti. You still get great performance with the 290x, do you really need that extra 10%?
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    BlackBerry to cut 4500 Jobs ....

    It's funny, they are down, but I know of a few local companies including our health authority that just gave their executive employees all new blackberry q10's. I've been talking to people who seem to love them. Mind you, they are upgrading from a previous BlackBerry model, so the BB10 OS is an...
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    AMD Launches Never Settle Forever Game Promo

    Hold on to your game credits. They will be adding more games, and you have until december 31st before you have to use them. BF4 is rumored to be added when it comes out.
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 !

    LMFAO! That was priceless! "I just don't know what to do with the cocktail sauce"
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    MSI or Gigabyte 7950?

    I ended up buying an MSI Twin Frozr 7950 - very happy with it! Overclocks great and not loud at all.
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    AMD Launches Never Settle Forever Game Promo

    Saints Row IV now part of the bundle! Still more games to be added at later dates.
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    Ben Affleck is the New Batman, Thoughts?

    With the right script and the right directing/producing I think any half-decent actor could pull it off (just like Cavill playing Superman). Affleck is a half-decent actor so he should be able to pull it off. Its just a question of whether it will be a great performance or not, guess we'll have...
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    PC on MSI GTX670 OC PE

    I agree with Sagath. I realize new 670's are still selling for ~$360-$450 new. But with 760's around the $270 mark, I too would only buy a used 670 if it were much less than that, otherwise I'd just buy a new 760 with warranty.
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    MSI or Gigabyte 7950?

    I'm looking at the same decision right now. I'm leaning more towards the MSI mainly due to the RMA center being in Canada. They both obviously perform about the same, and they overclock about the same (according to SKY's review here...
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    AMD Launches Never Settle Forever Game Promo

    By "credits" I'm pretty sure he means the AMD free game credits, which are good until the end of the year. They are going to offer future new games as part of the program (like Battlefield 4). So hang on to those credits for better games.
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    AMD Launches Never Settle Forever Game Promo

    Showing as available on cards at ncix already, and there's a good sale on an msi and giga 7950 with free shipping!
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    Need help finding a new game

    I will be a third one to recommend the mass effect trilogy! Great story line, great characters. The combat is not fantasy as its more of a shooter - but depending which class of character you choose can alter combat more to your liking. But the story line is what does it. Also choices you...
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    AMD 13.8 Frame Pacing Driver Benchmarked (COMMENT THREAD)

    For single card GPU users (of which I'm pretty sure the majority of users are) AMD cards offer excellent performance out of the box. Usually they rank high in performance per dollar rankings. And if anyone wants to overclock, AMD tends to give better results. I've always liked the fact that I...