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  • hi i would like to join the Beavers_Gone_Bananas team in folding, as hope to contribute back from such organized review.
    however i am 1st time folding, and would like to request some guidance of actually starting it, and do i need a passkey?

    Hey Chrisk,
    I am one of the developers of the F@HMonitor app for android and we are looking to add a page to the app to track the contest as it goes. is there any kind of xml file that we can access to pull the current rankings or even just the total folding points of each team during the contest? We can pull info from each of the xml files provided by EOC, but i was just wondering if HC was providing any kind of single file that all the teams' info would be in.

    I didn't know I had to put a pass key in my CPU Folding client for the Chimp challenge 2010

    Could you send me a passkey please. I have Beavers_Gone_Bananas as my user-name and 54196 as team number, but would like to know how I will know I have been entered into the draw for the prizes?
    If you do not have my user-name in the folding clients how will you know I participated so I can be entered? I just wanna make sure I got everything right.
    Thanks again man

    One more thing when I signed up and uploaded a screen-shot of FahMon I didn't have my clock opened like it shows in one of the example screen-shots, is that necessary as it didn't say anything about it?
    Hey, I just read the posts about the fake cpu's being shipped from newegg... and your name caught my attention.., I don't suppose you were at one time the advanced support supervisor for ICT? ;)
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