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    HVEC to mp4 converter?

    Well of course Handbrake is better, that's what I use. And while I'm not sure why it seems to be running so slowly on that PC, I again only recommend it for people that need a simplified program for their conversions. If you're doing the converting yourself? Handbrake is still the best IMO.
  2. CMetaphor

    x570 picks?

    I've looked into these boards in detail for the first time in a while z and there is something I did notice that the x570s have over lesser chipsets (albeit may be solely related to the ITX boards I've been looking at): the x570 seems to be the only chipset that can handle 2x nvme SSDs at full...
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    HVEC to mp4 converter?

    For all non-technical users I recommend freemake. Should be able to convert to whatever you want. Easy steps to learn and not many of them.
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    Networking Help/ New Router

    Issue #1 is probably the Asus router itself. I have a similar model and can't wait to replace it. It does all the same crappy things as yours, it's just crap. Asus, imo, isn't the reliable company it once was, stay away when you can. For your budget, I'd suggest something like a high-end...
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    Acer Nitro 5

    Good call I'd say, tbh I'm completely shocked by how few ryzen laptops there are out there, especially considering how much power they can get for so little wattage. Ex: I though my lovely little 5350 AM1 apu was pretty efficient. 2.0ghz x4 cores plus a more-than-sufficient radeon r3 onboard...
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    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    yeah, ridiculous is the best word for BB. The pilot killed any chance of it being taken seriously. Or if it being mistake for a cautionary tale about drugs and drug use. The show is just a silly farce, and really not much else. I really don't get why so many people like it*. *: well actually...
  7. CMetaphor

    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    (Writing these like mini reviews is kinda fun for me, so here goes) Currently watching: 1) Breaking Bad (for the first time): It's kindof meh tbh. Like an episode of Jerry Springer everyone's reactions to every situation seems to be "skip the more reasonable choices and go straight to the most...
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    Intel CPU Constraints Are Upon Us Again

    Then you're mistaken. I'm not on any other forums.
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    Intel CPU Constraints Are Upon Us Again

    Excuse me?? If you're referring to the nightmare that is my endlessly overheating intel-based Alienware, I only got it because Im no later never able to build PCs easily without a large amount of pain AND because I wanted something powerful and portable. Had there been a thing as topend...
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    My silliest idea in a while...

    So I've had a pico psi for ages, but haven't used it for a build in a while. Then I found something I totally forgot I had: a 5.25 gpu- only (read 12v, I'm assuming) power supply. Now, I'm already thinking about trying to the two together. But here's where things get a bit more odd. The 5.25...
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    Want to Buy Touchscreen + lightweight

    Probably the last bump. Seems the forum just isn't as active as it used to be? Where do people go nowadays got this kind of thing?
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    Stress test recommendation?

    I do prime 95 mixed and GPU fur benchmark at the same time to test thermals. (Ik the latter is old, but I still like it :geek:) For stability, cpu OC: small on prime 95 only, about an hour with no errors. (This is also useful to really heat up the CPU if you've just re-Tim'd it) I rarely OC...
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    Intel CPU Constraints Are Upon Us Again

    Always have, always will - with very few exceptions. Unfortunately the only Intel I've bought at all recently - my AW laptop - has been such a pain in arse in every way that I regret getting it at all. Put another way: I'd have gladly taken the exact same AW with an AMD chip in it, even if the...
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    Want to Buy Touchscreen + lightweight

    Very much appreciated
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    Want to Buy Touchscreen + lightweight

    Bump. But it seems like this is a pointless search.

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