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    [HOW TO] Dell Precision T3600 PSU Swap

    I posted a question about +5V supply for Dell T3600. I found the answer. Dell T3600 generates the +5V supply from the +12V supplied by the power supply in the motherboard. The implication is that there is no need to provide +5V from the ATX PSU to the motherboard. Effectively, it means that...
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    [HOW TO] Dell Precision T3600 PSU Swap

    Replying to Manfy74. I hope I can help you. I have done the same thing on Dell T3600 over the weekend and it works. For yout question on the PS-ON (pin4), it should be connected directly from the ATX power supply to the P2 connector on the Dell motherboard. It's in the same exact position so...

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