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    One Billion Today....

    :clap:Way To Fold:clap: Hell of a milestone! 1 trillion next...
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    Pricecheck: XFX 5850 Black Edition

    I had a number in my head of about $120-125 + shipping. Thanks for the replies everyone.
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    Origin ID Thread

    Just installed in case I need to for BF3. ID: Coffaholic
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    Pricecheck: XFX 5850 Black Edition

    Hey everyone. I have no use for this any more since upgrading to a more folding worthy card and was wondering what a fair price for it would be. I bought it new and am the only owner. Its registered with a lifetime warranty and has all the packaging, bits\pieces sealed in the original...
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    AMD Bulldozer Launch in September Now Official [ wccftech.com ]

    Either company who has had the "best" has charged a premium for it. Its just that amd hasnt been near the best for a while so people may have forgotten. I remember when the FX-60 (939) was over $1000.
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    Let's go Team !!

    Yep, I have that problem also with my 560ti. If it finishes the WU, the clocks seem to be fine, but if you pause in the middle, it will be stuck.
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    Let's go Team !!

    Stats seem ok to me. Are you the one that still folding under Beavers gone Bananas?
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    Game Sale PSA

    Portal 2 is on for 50% off ($24.99) on Steam for another 22 hrs 20 mins. Just picked up a copy.
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    You need to choose Defiant in order to join the guild. Both the Defiant and Guardians have different starting zones and storyline. I started the trial and bought the game halfway through so yea, you can use your trial time then convert it to a full account by applying a CD-key. Your free 30...
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    Let's go Team !!

    I sometimes see 1-2%. It was very surprising for me coming from a 5850 that used 40-50%, lol
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    Aww.... If I gotta wait an hour before I can play a game, Im probably just not gonna play it... We will see what happens though.
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    Yea, I believe he does have to do the transfer. Also, I added 5 plat to the guild bank to help with the buying of the chest. You can add money but not items until you buy the chest for 30 plat. I was just running around today exploring, I find it quite annoying that even mobs that are grey to...
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    So guild bank is 30 plat to buy. I only have about 12 plat or I would have bought it. Also, when I went to log in today, I got this message: "You are logging into a shard which is marked to be reserved for trial players in the future. Please transfer off this shard soon." So I guess this means...
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    Team Fortress 2 now FreeToPlay

    Lol, i just saw that, oh well, delete this please. Thanks