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    SSD Upgrade- What should I use to transfer my files?

    I haven't yet- why do you ask? Did you have any issues with yours?
  2. concinnity

    Work in progress Home Server Room Phase 2

    I was jealous of you setup the first time. Can't wait to see all the new kit.
  3. concinnity

    SSD Upgrade- What should I use to transfer my files?

    My 60GB SSD is simply too small and has run out of space. Before I pull the trigger on a new one (Crucial m500 240GB), I want to know how I should go about transferring my OS and everything else without having to reinstall Windows, if at all possible. thnx
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    Work in progress Project: Moab

    nice job- that looks really sharp
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    Work in progress Red Rampage - Round 2

    legos. why didn't I think of that. now I have a use for the bucketfuls of my childhood lol.
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    Work in progress Smallest mITX Gaming Case - From Scratch

    DDC mount for liquid? Any plans for a custom rad box?- if you did the same vent design that would look dope...
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    Projeto Resident Evil (Umbrella Corporation )

    wow. my jaw dropped on that one.
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    Work in progress i7-4770 and Dual R9 290X with Liquid Cooling in a Corsair 750D

    You don't need to worry about the direction of flow and order of components. It's been long proven that coolant moves through a loop so fast that there are only nominal temperature differences based on component order. Do what makes the loop look best to you.
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    Completed lowfat's Big Lian Li.

    i smell a fractal NAS
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    3TB External Dive and Windows Backup

    It is plugged into a back USB 3 port. When I go into Disk Management the "Mark Partition as Active option is grayed out on all but my internal SSD and HDD. It says that the "System Reserved" 100MB partition is the only active one ATM.
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    3TB External Dive and Windows Backup

    So I grabbed a 3TB Seagate Backup+ for an external backup. However, Windows Backup refuses to work with it, no matter what I do. I partitioned the drive into two 1.1TB drives, one formatted as NTFS, the other exFAT (512k). NEITHER seem to work with Windows Backup. It always gives me an error...
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    Windows 8.1 Install Error

    My wireless card was causing the error. I pulled the card and Windows installed fine. However, after I reinstalled the card, the error came back. What's making that happen?
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    Windows 8.1 Install Error

    First time trying Windows 8, I'm getting an error on install. This is being installed on a blank drive. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL It's all new hardware, but it's all recognized and is from reputable brands. What's happening here?
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    Work in progress CMS83X MK3 Stacker

    that color made me shit bricks. fantastic.