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    Want to Buy Power Supply (Fully Modular)

    Hi, I have an i5-6600 (non-k). If you’re interested lmk.
  2. Cowboy

    Want to Buy 6-7th gen intel cpus for z270 boards

    Hi, I have an i5-6600 (non-k). If you’re interested lmk.
  3. Cowboy

    Budget 4k Monitor

    This one https://www.amazon.ca/Sceptre-3840x2160-DisplayPort-Speakers-Metallic/dp/B073X6G4DZis pretty decent as long as you don’t mind a few dead pixels out of the box. It uses the same panel from a higher end LG monitor that doesn’t pass QC check for defects in manufacturing.
  4. Cowboy

    Advice for 4k monitor purchase

    I really wouldn’t recommend this one. The colours are not very accurate even post calibration due to the TN panel. I know that LG makes a really nice 4K monitor, here is a link: https://www.amazon.ca/LG-27UD58-B-UHD-Monitor-FreeSync/dp/B01IRQAYPE
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    Want to Buy Galaxy S7 edge or something similar with 1700 MHz band

    I dunno man I thought the price was good. GLWS since it’s even better now! Someone will bite I’m sure :thumb:
  6. Cowboy

    Want to Sell 18 RX 570 4GB Cards (5 left)

    :rofl: love it! GLWS
  7. Cowboy

    Want to Buy Found! Thank you HWC

    Ooooh yes that would have been better than what I eventually picked up :( too bad SSD found btw, so thread is closed for now
  8. Cowboy

    Want to Buy Found! Thank you HWC

    Got a CPU, still looking for an SSD
  9. Cowboy

    Want to Buy Found! Thank you HWC

    Ordinarily I would agree with you, but he's already got a pretty nice small form factor ITX system which just needs a CPU upgrade to give it a few more years of life. Update on the WTB: I may have a lead on the stuff I need, will update thread on Friday.
  10. Cowboy

    Want to Buy Found! Thank you HWC

    Found! Thank you!
  11. Cowboy

    Fake ebay listings

    From what I can see... eBay has really gone downhill. It was never amazing, mind you, but it was still useful.
  12. Cowboy

    Buying a Used 1080 Ti

    Congrats on the new card! It look awesome :clap:
  13. Cowboy

    Bsod or driver crash on looped time spy gpu test2.

    I’d say in most cases you’re better off sticking to the latest drivers. It’s quite common for new graphics cards to misbehave on early driver releases, so I wouldn’t be too concerned. If it really bothers you though, it doesn’t hurt to look at an RMA
  14. Cowboy

    Want to Sell All sold! Thank you fellow Hardware Canucks!

    Thanks for the support! Indeed it is! OP has been updated :thumb: enjoy your new GPU!
  15. Cowboy

    Want to Buy Nothing for now :) Thank you

    Bump, forgot about this but I’m still looking!

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