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  • hey I was reading your forsale thread ansd noticed that you fixed the 3850 cards I am wondering where did you get the capacitors because I am thinking of repairing my MB but not sure where to find the capacitors for it
    Lol i just seen this reply paul lol Thankyou for the info ! i pulled the sound card but will retry it once i get the new vid card and wb in :) I will let ya know :)
    if not i will buy a new card and rma this one :)
    Interesting! Remember, the power receptacle on the soundcard is pretty sensitive. I broke the 1st one and had to replace the card. Check to see if all the cables are connected, even leading into the power supply. Also check the card to see if the power part is not broken or bent, or maybe shorting out on something.
    hey i got a ? on my sound card it keeps telling me to plug in the power to it!
    it is and i have checked it over and over , won't let me reinstall drivers !
    Any ideas?
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