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    Rants etc.....

    My Rant You tube reviews mostly every review i've seen on video cards are always high end intel systems. I'd like see reviews using different computer systems middle range intel or amd .
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    MintChip - Canadian-made digital cash

    MintChip It's digital cash platform created by the royal canadian mint,bought by nano pay. I just checked out the mintchip site explains what it does. here's link to the sit if you want to learn more about it https://mintchip.ca/
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    Review Suggestion: Thermaltake Core X9 Watercooling-friendly case

    Review suggestion I'd like to see review of the Rx 480 or Gtx 1080 on amd system :biggrin:
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    Does no one fold anymore?

    folding I fold for team curecoin and cloud folding for team curecoin.
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    Zen just got more details:

    Zen Glad to see more details on zen can't wait to buy new amd system:punk:
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    The Radeon RX480 8GB Performance Review (Comment Thread)

    rx 480 Great review on the rx 480, can't wait to see what rx 470 is like:biggrin:

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