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  1. cwestwell

    Rosetta @ Home - Setup Guide

    Talk about a hiatus, I haven't been on Rosetta for a very long time, my showdown with Dalton was epic. Hell in reflection I haven't been a contributor to the HWC for a long time....I feel ashamed.
  2. cwestwell

    AMD Hawaii GPU Launch Live Stream!!! + Comments

    Microsoft needs to take DirectX open source anyway, this will hopefully drive them to it faster.
  3. cwestwell

    Trying to change Cases for ever - THERMALTAKE LEVEL 10

    But Shits and Giggles are so much fun....
  4. cwestwell

    Thinktank Revision 2.0

    I don't remember where this may have been mentioned or if it was at all....but where exactly does a Computer Enthusiast with mad fabrication skills also pick up the knowledge to be a mad chemist...?? Do you just have one of the most eclectic collection of useful hobbies or is there some great...
  5. cwestwell

    Thinktank Revision 2.0

    I think that is just a picture of the submerged system that does not mean it has been tested....or at least put through the paces yet. However looking very sexy though....if this works well HWC is gonna have to start sending you some of there testing gear or get you a sponsor so you can put...
  6. cwestwell

    Thinktank Revision 2.0

    Well Good Luck and God Speed....May The Force Be With You and all that inspirational kinda stuff... I cant believe how long I have been following this....me and many others I am sure have been on the edge of our seats for over a year now. I hope Calgary is still on the map when your done....I...
  7. cwestwell

    New bill to force ISPs to grant police access

    Once again a shoddy bill comes forward that is 20% technology relevant and 80% law makers misunderstanding of basic technology and its uses. I support a lot of effort to tame the wild that is the internet in its criminal activities that danger human lives and effect human rights but that goes...
  8. cwestwell

    Post your WaterCooled PC pics here thread

    crazy steampunk modders.....crazy
  9. cwestwell

    Post your WaterCooled PC pics here thread

    that is hardcore...I would keep it just to keep the homemade cyborg look maybe just pretty it up...
  10. cwestwell

    Case Pics

    um not to hate but I cant see a damn thing in the pic...besides that it is dark and we are looking at the back side.....
  11. cwestwell

    Post Your Desk

    Yeah I have the Merc Stealth and I love it for gaming but I keep it plugged in for everyday use and it drives me frigging nuts....the numpad messes with me every time.
  12. cwestwell

    Thinktank Revision 2.0

    Same here..grinding or dremel I always use goggles and gloves with something clamping it down to my work bench or table saw bench....you only get 2 eyes and ten fingers and I would like to hold onto them at least until they wear out...being a tech could be hard with one eye and a lack of appendages.
  13. cwestwell

    Thinktank Revision 2.0

    jeez...you gonna be mounting a pump in that or a friggin 4 banger motor.....seriously that is one hell of a mount.
  14. cwestwell

    BOINC - Rosetta @ Home New Thread

    and Modest to..:haha:
  15. cwestwell

    BOINC - Rosetta @ Home New Thread

    I have not dove into the stats for awhile but I have noticed a disturbing trend.. I am sure everyone noticed the absolute nose dive our RAC took over the last couple weeks. I starting looking into my systems to see what caused it assuming it was a power outage or a firewall issue causing my...

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