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    Work in progress Hooded's CM Storm Stryker

    id almost recommend doing sometype of shroud where the the 4 fans meet in the center.
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    Work in progress Cooler Master Scout 2 Camo Edition

    awesome paint job, looks great
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    Mushkin Unveils New Chronos 960GB SSD

    I have had such bad luck with mushkin, the 5 drives i have bought from them each failed, none the less looks like a great drive.
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    Water Cooling Parts List + A Question

    Id recommend the black ice sr1 with with ap-13's, ap 15s are loud, i have my system with ap-13's.
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    Work in progress Corsair 600T SE Watercooled; internal triple radiator mod

    Looks great so far, any update with the rest of it ?
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    Completed Black and White Cosmos II

    in for more updates, looks like an interesting build thread.
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    gtx 660 vs Radeon HD 7850

    I believe 660 is faster, benchmarks vs the 7850 prove this, thus id go with nvida.
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    Best 2.1 speakers for $150

    corsair by far, they make great quality 2.1 speakers.
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    Orange Tubing

    Primochill makes by far the best tubing i have ever seen, not a fan of fesor one it hardens up over time.
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    Corsair 900D

    Yeah im not a fan the way they did the window, looks like complete garbage imo, they should have did the window like the haf 932.
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    Best router for me?

    I always found dlink to be of great quality, also asus has gotten much better.
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    Sli Problem

    Try to remove the sli bridge, then install drivers then put the sli tab back in, there was a bug with nvidia that caused sli to be "already enabled" when it wasn't
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    Battlefield 3

    I think its on GamersGate - Buy and download games for PC now i picked it up for 25$
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    Corsair 900D

    Wow what a beautiful case ! I seen someone do an sr-x in one, looked amazing.
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    HD 7950 vs GTX 670

    Id go with the 7950, most benchmark scores, score higher including with the fps benchmarks.

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